How to Organise your Pouchee:

What is the best way to use and organise your Pouchee Purse Organiser ? Below is how to fill your Pouchee to get the most use. Of course, one of the best things about the Pouchee is that you make it personal by filling it with your own unique essentials.

The credit card pockets
The credit card pockets function as an easy-access holder for your cards. Since the pockets are on the outside of your Pouchee Purse Organiser, you do not have to take the product out of your purse to search for the card you want. You can see them all clearly. We recommend putting your most used credit cards or store loyalty cards on the outside for easy access. There are slots for 4 cards. Behind the top credit card slot, there is a pocket for additional cards to slide in. These are recommended for cards that you need but don’t necessarily use all the time. Since the credit card pockets are on the outside of the purse organiser, we do not recommend carrying it outside of your purse. The purse organiser is designed to stay inside the Handbag so your items are organised and secure.

Key Pocket
To hold your keys, you simply attach a key fob to your key ring. Insert the fob into the pocket next to the credit cards. This holds your keys in place and makes it easy to pull out of the pouchee when you need them.

The Other Side
On the opposite side of the Pouchee Purse Organiser, you have 1 pen pocket and 2 large expandable pockets. Most people put their phone in one of the pockets. The other pocket can be used for anything else, such as sunglasses, gum packets, business cards, tissue packets, or any other purse accessory you need.

Hand Bag Organiser

Inside the Pouchee Purse Organiser
The inside of Pouchee Purse Organisers has a lot of flexibility but also some structure for you to use and adapt to your needs. There are 2 slots inside for lipstick (the lipstick pockets could also be used for small flashlights or hand lotions), a zippered slot for change, a sectioned divider for money or checkbook, and additional empty space for your other personal items.

And there you have it! A way to fill your Pouchee Purse Organiser complements of

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