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How to keep your Flat Shoes Odour Free?

September 13, 2012

As lots of you ladies out there know, it is nearly impossible to keep your flat shoes smelling fresh all the time.

Life being so busy these days how many times have you been in a rush forgetting  to put on your footsie or stockings, instead just quickly slipping on your flats and running out the door.

The result being those sweaty feet stinking up your shoes! Over time odour can be a big problem, and no matter how many times you clean or spray with perfume, nothing seems to work.

Secret Fashion Fixes have a Tried and Tested Solution!  

                                                                              Flatliners – Footwear Odour Killer

I have a very much-loved pair of Blow Fish Flat shoes that are so comfortable I wear a lot around town. Unfortunately I have a habit of slipping them on barefoot which over time has led to them becoming a little smelly!

While setting up our website  we did a huge amount of research to find and test innovative problem solving fashion products, and that’s when we came across Flatliners – Footwear Odour Killer, a product from Solutions that Stick.

So while away on holidays a while back, I decided to give the Flatliners a go in my Blowfish Flat shoes.

All I can say is this is a miracle product. I was totally amazed at how well this product worked. It completely removed any odour that was in my Blowfish Flat shoes and was very comfortable to wear. You honestly have to try this product to believe how well it works.

Just to give you a little bit more information on the product, Flatliners are specifically made thin enough to use in women’s flats. They can be placed in already stinky shoes or in new pairs as a preventative measure against smelly feet, extending the life of your favourite around-town shoes.  They are held onto shoes with adhesive. They should be changed about every 3 months.

So ladies if you need a solution for smelly flat shoes – Flatliners are the answer.

Flatliners are available to purchase on our website and  at the amazing price of only €12.99 or £10.49.

Dee at Secret Fashion Fixes.


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