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PhoneFetcher – What a Clever Invention!

October 4, 2012

From the minute I discovered the PhoneFetcher and showcased it to my Family and Friends, everybody wanted one!

I guess the main reason is because everyone can relate to the Problem which PhoneFetcher Solves, and that is “Missing Calls because you can’t find your Mobile Phone in your Handbag”

Guilty of loving my large handbags as many ladies do, I absolutely love and now rely on this product. Not that my handbag is messier or deeper than any others, it’s just for some unknown reason, my mobile phone can find the weirdest of locations to land in, which means when my phone rings I spend so long digging for it, it’s gone to voice mail before I lay my hands on it. Very very frustrating….

The PhoneFetcher is a very simple but extremely clever invention that will put an end to this frustration.

How it works is,  it attaches to your hand bag, or even your baby changing bag, belt loop or gym bag at one end, and the other end goes into the ear phone plug of your mobile phone. Available in two styles, the Phone Fetcher comes in a Stretchable Bungee cord style and also a chain style. Both work on the same principle, when your phone rings you follow the chain or the cord to find your phone – no matter where it is hiding in your bag! The stretchable bungee style cord version allows you to view your phone or even text without disconnecting it from the PhoneFetcher and come in 9 colours. The PhoneFetcher Chain style comes in a Silver, Black or Gold version and is very stylish on any day or evening handbag.

It’s also a good idea to leave the PhoneFetcher hanging out of your bag even when your phone is not attached, so that you don’t accidentally leave your phone behind especially in taxis, restaurants or the office etc.

At the very affordable price of €15.99/£12.99 for the Silver Chain Model – PhoneFetcher makes an ideal Mothers day’s gift or Christmas Gift.


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