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Invisibelt – All Belt-No Bulk!

October 6, 2012

I’m sure lots of you own a pair of Jeans or Trousers that are just a little too big – however not big enough to warrant having them altered, but definitely big enough to cause a bit of a problem.Invisibelt Skinny

Belts can be a nice addition to an outfit but many times we wear them for their functional purposes i.e. to prevent our jeans or trousers gaping at the back or to make them more secure and comfortable to wear. But many of these belts consist of very bulky belt buckles! Not very flattering when you’re wearing your slim fitting top over your Jeans. These Bulky Belt buckles can just cause unsightly bulges and lumps in your waistline!

Now there is a solution to this Fashion Problem – Introducing the Invisibelt! An absolute ingenious product, the Invisibelt is a smooth, undetectable belt with a flat clasp. Designed to keep your Jeans or Trousers up without the bulk of a traditional belt, the Invisibelt is see-through, fully adjustable and ideal for wearing under long or fitted tops.  It is virtually undetectable and provides an instant slimming effect. Thanks to its flat clasp design, this “No Buckle Belt” let’s women wear fitted tops over pants or skirts with no trace of an unsightly belt buckle detected.

The Invisibelt Skinny is 2.5cm wide and adjusts to fit Size 8 to 14. It is available in two fashionable colours, Naked (Clear) and Noir (Black).


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