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Want to make your Favourite Jeans go the Extra Mile?

October 8, 2012

There are many requirements when looking for that perfect pair of jeans. They have to feel comfortable, be the right shape, right colour and many other things – so why worry about the length?

We’ve all found that fabulous pair of jeans that go perfect with your high heels – but then have you restricted them to only special occasions as they are simply too long to wear with your flat shoes or pumps as they drag on the ground and can get damaged

Hem Gems are decorative pins that are especially designed to let you temporarily adjust the length of your jeans/trousers without any sewing and also double up as a cool fashion accessory to give them a new look!

Hem Gems are perfect for travelling or for daytime wear as they allow you to shorten your jeans instantly and on the go. And then, when you want to wear your jeans with a higher heel, you can undo the pins and revert to the original length without any fuzz or time delays.

It’s as easy as:

Hem Gems come in 5 fabulous styles to suit any style: Classic Rivet Gold, Classic Rivet Silver, Classic Rivet Black, Nautical Star Silver, and Nautical Star Gold.

So, why not try them out if you are looking for budget efficient ways to make the most of your wardrobe?


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