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DE-COY™ PANDA PEN™ – Say Goodbye to Panda Eyes Forever!

October 10, 2012

Many of you may not have heard yet about the amazing Panda Pen, I know I hadn’t until recently. As you all know it is virtually impossible to get mascara that does not smudge. I’m sure every woman has experienced those black lines under their eyes (Panda Eyes) at some stage. Whether it’s daily wear and tear, an attack of hay fever, airport farewells, chick flicks, nights out or accidental sleepovers – every woman has experienced the dreaded problem of eye makeup not staying in the right place.

The Solutions to this age old beauty dilemma – We Introduce THE PANDA PEN!

Panda PenThe Panda Pen by De-Coy is an innovative and revolutionary eye makeup remover and corrector pen. Better still the Panda Pen is small and light enough to pop in your handbag, so you always have it with you for times of need.

How does the Panda Pen Work?

 – The clever design of the Panda Pen is definitely a major factor for this product.

 – First of all pop open the white lid and remove the black seal from over the tip by pulling it out from under the white cotton tape.

 – Then slide the button on the side towards the tip to tighten the white cotton tape.

 – Squeeze triangular buttons at the side simultaneously to release a small amount of eye makeup remover to the woven cotton tip. This eye makeup remover does not contain any artificial colours or perfumes and is 100% oil free, making it suitable for sensitive skin. And it is NOT tested on animals, very important to mention I feel.

 – Once the eye makeup remover has been squeezed out proceed to clean under your eyes by gently wiping away the unwanted eye makeup from your skin.

– When finished just slide the button on the side towards the tip to give you a clean new cotton tip and pop the lid back on and you are all ready for your next panda eye moment.

The Panda Pen is tough on waterproof mascara and eyeliner but gentle on your skin, and it doesn’t leave any oily residue. Before I discovered this product I used to use a cotton pad to wide clean smudges from under my eyes, which to be honest is not the best way to treat this very sensitive area of skin under your eyes. Now using the Panda Pen, I get better results and also don’t have to tug at this sensitive skin area protecting my eyes.

The Panda Pen is definitely top of my Cool Finds list!


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