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Do you find yourself in between sizes in Jeans and Trousers?

October 16, 2012

The thrill of finally loosing those excess pounds or wearing your favourite top can be overshadowed when you realise that your best loved jeans or trousers are not fitting quite the way they should. Maybe they are a tiny bit too loose or maybe a bit too tight for comfort.

Then comes the dreaded fashion dilemma – can you afford to invest in going up or down one size? Or is it soon to commit?

Well, we have the perfect solution! We have found the Adjust a Button which is a moveable pin- like button that allows you to alter the waistband of jeans and trousers up to 1 ½”  in a flash!

This Adjust a Button is also perfect to fix pants that gape at the waist and is also a quick fix for lost buttons.

It is easy to use as it has a spring back clasp that locks into place easily and yet can be released quickly for repeated use. It also has a flat back on the clasp so it will not poke or pinch you either, as we are looking for comfort after all, aren’t we?

The Adjust a Button is made from a sturdy metal material that makes it look like an original jeans button so nobody but you will know!

Each pack contains two 2.8mm Adjust a Buttons, so you can keep one in your hand bag for those unplanned wardrobe malfunctions that come at the most unexpected times!

So, why sacrifice comfort when you can customise your fit and boost your confidence with Adjust a Button?


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