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Take your Fragrance wherever you Go!

October 19, 2012

How many times have you ever wished a geenie could shrink your favourite perfume bottle? Tired of find out it leaked inside your handbag or that the bottle got chipped?

Have we got a secret weapon to tackle these problems! We love this mini perfume refillable bottle which is great for travelling as it is pretty, shatterproof and most importantly – easy to use and aircraft approved.

Travalo comes in either a Refillable Rollerball version or a Cute Atomiser version- both are refillable in seconds in come in a variety of cool and trendy colours. They also have a 5ml capacity but will surprise you at how long they will make your fragrance last.

The Atomiser has a version will give you up to 65 sprays of fragrance and is available in either Black, Red, Purple, Orange, Hot Pink and Blue.

The Elegant Refillable Rollerball version is designed to simply roll your perfume on directly onto the skin therefore needing less fragrance. It is available in either Silver or Black.

For a quick glimpse at how it works, check out this video:

Travalo is also easy to clean, which allows you to re-fill it with a different fresh fragrance. Simply fill a small water spray bottle (should be available from your Local Chemist) and fill with water. Fill your Travalo half way with water and then shake several times. Follow this by spraying all its contents – do this a couple of times to make sure it is clean and then Voila! Refill with a different fanstastic fragrance which you can take with you anywhere!


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