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10 Hand-Bag Essentials for the Christmas Party Season!

November 1, 2012

Christmas is getting nearer by the day so why not get organised in advance so you’re ready for the Party Season! Secret Fashion Fixes have put together their Essential Products to have in your hand-bag to make you look and feel fabulous and more importantly prevent that Fashion Mishap…

1)      The Panda PenPanda Pen

The Panda Pen is such a cleverly designed product, its small enough to fit in your hand-bag and so convenient to use. Basically with one click of a button you have a woven cotton tip which contains a conditioning eye makeup remover that is tough on waterproof mascara and eyeliner but gentle on your skin, and it doesn’t leave an oily residue. It is so easy to just run the Panda Pen under your eye to remove any mascara or eyeliner smudges and it will last you a long time. A must have for your hand-bag.

2)      Mascara Shield

This small pink plastic Mascara Shield is a fantastic little product that really helps you apply your mascara easily. By holding the mascara shield under your top and bottom lashes you can use your mascara brush to line each individual lash with mascara giving a more natural look. It also helps prevent that clumpy mascara sticking lashes together. A great little tool and one I cannot live without. Also very small and light for your hand-bag.

3)      Travalo

We all want to smell nice especially on a night out and as much as we’d like to fit our large perfume bottle in our small hand-bag, it’s just impossible,  so what better solution than Travalo. Travalo is a Travalosmall aluminium refillable atomizer bottle which can be easily filled directly from your Perfume Bottle with a simple repeat pump action. It comes in an array of sexy and funky colours and is extremely lightweight and small, however don’t let the size fool you, it still gives you 65 sprays of your favourite perfume. Ideal for a night out or weekend away.

4)      PhoneFetcher

One way to ensure you don’t leave your precious mobile phone behind you in the Restaurant, Taxi or Club is to invest in a PhoneFetcher. Basically this classy silver chain clips to the inside of your hand-bag and the other side clips securely into the ear phone jack of your mobile phone. It also helps to easily locate your phone when it rings!

5)      Red Foot Folding Ballet Pumps

We all love our stiletto and high heeled shoes on a night out but there comes a point in the night when your two little feet just can’t take any more pain! That’s when you need to reach for your Folding Ballet Pumps from your hand-bag. These stylish folding shoes are versatile enough to complement any outfit and flexible enough to fold up and slip in an out of your handbag. These charming shoes are truly multi-talented, sweet, sexy and sophisticated all in one!

6)      Blouse Button

We all keep a few safety pins in our hand-bag for the “just in case times”!! Well now you can replace these with the Blouse Button, a stylish accessory which can be used to reduce cleavage on your top or dress, replace a lost button, hold up and unstitched hem,  hold a scarf or pashminas in place or just wear it as an accessory. It’s a multi-functional little pin that comes in a variety of styles.

7)      Fashion Tape Mini

The Flash Tape Mini is a small portable dispenser which flips open to reveal a roll of double sided fashion tape. Simply drop into your bag to ensure you are covered for any fashion emergencies. Use it to hold clothing in place, close unwanted gaps in blouses, repair a hem or tear in clothing. The list goes on.

8)      Lint Removing Sheets

Good-bye sticky, bulky lint roller! Hello sleek, slender Hollywood Lint Removing Sheets. These portable packets contain 30 individual super-sticky sheets, whose sole mission is removing lint, snatching up pet hair, dandruff, dust, fuzz and fluff from your clothing to keep you looking impeccably groomed on your night out. Each package contains two slim packets perfect for your handbag, or even the tiniest clutch.

9)      Oil Blotting Paper

Absorb excess facial oils without disturbing your makeup using this fine absorbing paper. Press paper sheet lightly against oily areas whenever you need to “freshen up”! Slim package is ideal for your hand bag! Radiate health and beauty with this Face Care Oil Blotting Solution.

10)   Manicure on the Go

The Manicure on the go is a “Stylish” On-the-Go Nail File Solution. The Matchbook style nail file kit contains 12 medium and 12 fine grit nail files. Perfect size for your small hand bag.

So there is have, our 10 must-have essentials for your Christmas Party Night out.


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  1. Wonderful ideas! very handy! Love the manicure to go and shoes to go!

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