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How to get your Shoes ready for the Party Season.

November 17, 2012

We will show you how transform those forgotten gems into fabulous new treasures! So why look further than your closet for that perfect pair of heels to compliment your Christmas party outfit?

In a fairytale world, we’d all love to have that wall to wall wardrobe exclusively full of shoes. But crash-landing back to reality, we remember that after buying food, paying for those bills, childminders etc, we barely have enough to buy a lotto ticket so we can win the Lottery!

So, the trick is to maximise your existing shoe collection and give them a completely new look with these fabulous shoe accessories.

Add a bit of bling with Blingbacks!

These are a shoe jewellery collection with a twist that instantly transform your shoes – they are like earrings for your shoe!  They are perfect for transforming your look from day to night and add a bit of sparkle to your step.

These beauties will jazz up any pair of heels and are very easy to use. Simply attach to the back of your shoe and you’re ready to hit the dance floor!

You can be as extravagant or conservative with your look – you choose.

From the bold and beautiful Blingbacks Butterfly Chandeliers   or  Blingbacks Flower on Pastel Feathers

To the understated elegance of Blingbacks Silver Trail of Hearts  or Blingbacks Cluster Eternity Ring

They are available with a Black or Clear heel cushion so they work with all shoe colour.

 Blingbacks are the ideal Christmas party accessory this season so they will make a perfect Christmas present for someone special as well.


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