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Review on the Sweater Tamer and Hipster

December 7, 2012

We ask journalist and fashion enthusiast Valerie Flynn to review our Sweater Tamer and Hipster products.

1. Sweater Tamer

SWT-1_lgThis was a great find. We were initially sceptical about this product, as we already had a clothes brush-type thing, but the Sweater Tamer was much more effective. It was quick and easy to use and within a few minutes we had pulled all the lumps and clumps from the old cashmere jumper we tried it on. It left the jumper, which had been retired to the back of the wardrobe because it had gotten so tatty, looking as good as new. This would be a great little investment or gift for anyone who has cosy woolen jumpers or dresses that they can’t bring themselves to throw out, as it gives the clothes a new lease of life. The thing about this product that I particularly liked is that it pulls all the bobbles off easily without you having to brush at the fabric dementedly the way you do with a normal clothes brush – so you’re not going to damage the wool or leave it looking thin. Will definitely be using the Sweater Tamer to restore my Christmas jumper to its former glory!

2. HipsterHIPS-1B_lg

What a great idea. This is an elasticated black belt with two sturdy clips that attach to the belt loops on your pants. It works exactly like a belt to keep the waist-band of your trousers in place, but you don’t end up with a big belt-shaped lump under your jumper or jacket – it looks like you’re not wearing a belt at all. I’ve found this great for jeans, particularly low-rise ones that always look a bit rubbish when they don’t stay up (which they never do after one wash). I’ve also been using it for a green denim skirt I have that’s a bit too big but can’t be worn with any of the belts I have because the colour clashes. This would also be great for suit trousers, if your suit jacket doesn’t hang properly over a belt. If, like me, your number one fashion hate is women tugging at clothes that don’t fit properly, you’ll like this product.

Valerie Flynn



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