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Footwear solutions that work!

January 17, 2013

For all shoe lovers, a nice pair of shoes make the walk a little more fun and give us a bit of a spring in our step. Spring/Summer 2013’s hottest trends are all about choosing footwear that will make you stand out from the crowd. Some of our favourites include these gorgeous blue shoes and brown high suede boots by Alice + Olive and leather strap shoes by BCBG Max Azria collection.

2013 Shoe Collections

In the mix of upcoming trends, one thing is for sure……..our shoes put with a lot of wear and tear, and even the fanciest shoes can’t hide everything. That’s why we’re showing you footwear solutions that will definitely help you make the most of your much loved shoes, heels, boots and stilettos.

1. Say goodbye to nasty stains with this After Party Shoe Candy  which will remove dirt and from your shoes. It is suitable for leather, suede and synthetics and textiles.

After Party Shoe Candy
Secret Fashion Fixes

 Very easy to use, After Party Shoe Candy will take care of everything for you – from mud and water stains to food and drink stains from the night before. Simply spray the mousse evenly over the whole surface of the shoe – rub and remove marks with a sponge or wet cloth and allow to dry. Easy peasy!

2. Keep your boots in top shape and prevent that dreaded sag with Boot Stay. These rigid adhesive strips will keep your boots looking like new and avoid that dreaded slump. Slouching can cause wrinkles that weaken the materials and wear out your boots much faster. Boot Stay Sag preventers are cotton-covered, flexible, very comfortable to wear and will help you make the most of your boots.

Boot Stay - Adhesive Sag Preventers - Secret Fashion Fixes

Boot Stay
Secret Fashion Fixes

3. Protect and repair your heels with Original Sole Heel Huggers. No more damage to your heels caused by gravel, sinking in grass, grates, or getting caught on pavement cracks as these will have your shoes looking like brand new.

They are very discreet and suit shoes of any type of material or colour as they are available in a Black or Clear colour. Each pack of Original Sole Heel Huggers contains 3 tubes in 3 different sizes and will cover up to 6 pairs of shoes. Simply cut to measure, slide heel in and shrink to fit by applying heat – no adhesives or residues left behind!

Heel Huggers - High Heel Protectors - Repair Heels

Heel Huggers – Original Sole
Secret Fashion Fixes

4. Get your Jeans in your boots the easy way! How many of us have struggled to hold down your jeans when you are putting on your boots! Impossible! You end up with an uncorfortable bulk around your ankles more times than not!

Well – Bootleggers make it easy for you to put your pants/jeans inside your boots without the hassle! These stylish stirrup clips are made of elasticated material with a clip at both ends that will hold your jeans in place so that you they stay in place all day and all night.

Bootleggers - Shoe Accessories - Boot Stirrups

Bootleggers – Sexy N Seconds
Secret Fashion Fixes


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  1. Love the look of the heel huggers! I’ve caught more heels in grates on a night out and they get scraped and ruined , one time it actually broke off haha, luckily I had a pair of flats with me too x

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