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Tips on how to make your Fragrance last longer

January 27, 2013

Secret Fashion Fixes Blog

Do you find that your fragrance doesn’t take you through the day? As our sense of smell is our most important sense and it is the one most related to memories – here at Secret Fashion Fixes we’ve found a few tips on how to make your favourite perfume work for you a little bit more to give you one less thing to worry about in the pursuit of creating happy long lasting memories, especially if they involve a bit of Chanel!

  • Apply some Vaseline to your skin and then apply your fragrance on top of that. The perfume will cling to the Vaseline instead of  sinking into your pores and will reduce the need to reapply some later in the day.
  • Your fragrance lasts longer where there is heat – apply to your pulse points like your wrists, behind your ears, inside your elbows and on your chest. Check out these beautiful Perfume Brooches which easily clip to your bra or blouse and help you carry your favourite perfume with you all day and night.

Pearl N Crystal Perfume Brooch- Fushia Puffed Heart Perfume Brooch

 A small chamber at the back holds a foamie that you spray with your fragrance to help you enjoy it all day. It is available in a Fushia Puffed Heart or an elegant Pearl N Crystal – both are sure to add a glint of glamour to any bra or blouse as they are also a gorgeous accessory.

Perfume Brooch

  • Layer products from the same line -using a scented body gel or a body lotion will help hydrate skin and help it restore moisture which will in turn help your fragrance not penetrate your skin. A combination of products will help extend your fragrance throughout the day.
  • Carry your fragrance wherever you go the light way!  Tired of your perfume bottle weighing down your bag? Ever experienced your expensive perfume bottle leaking inside your precious bag? Well say no more as now with Travalo, this is a thing of the past.

Travalo Perfume Refill

It is available as an Atomiser as above or a Rollerball version. They are made of aluminum, lip-stick size, and very easy to use, aircraft approved and very simple to use.

Travalo Rollerball - Secret Fashion FixesSimply take off the nozzle off your favourite perfume and press the base of your Travalo down on the tube. It has a window on one side so it’s easy to see how much fragrance you’ve put in and how much you have left.

Travalo Perfume Refill - Secret Fashion Fixes

So there you have it, get the most out of perfume and make long lasting good impressions!


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