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How to look slimmer without loosing weight

February 20, 2013

We show you some timeless tricks to make yourself appear to be slimmer than you actually are without actually having to loose weight. In a way, it’s like a bit of magic because we’re all about helping you feel more confident in your own skin without having to go through the pain. Our goal is to show you how to put a bit of dash into your outfit to keep the focus away from your weight. You will be surprised at how well it works! Now, let’s begin…..

1. Posture is everything

Your Mom and school teacher were right – bad posture harms your back and joints and most importantly, isn’t attractive.  A Simple way to look slimmer is to follow a trick Oprah showcased which is to stand or sit with your arms hanging by your side. Bend your elbows and bring your hands up in front of you at a ninety degree angle with your palms facing upwards. Maintain that angle and turn both your arms to each side of you. You’ll notice immediately that this movement pulls your shoulders back, lifts the chest and pulls in your tummy because what it’s doing is automatically correcting your posture! The way that your body aligns when both your arms are at your side at that angle is your natural alignment and will immediately make you look slimmer. Pretty nifty trick, no? It impressed Oprah, anyway!


Bra Perfect Bra Strap clips -

2. Give your top a lift

The aim is to make your breasts look perkier so that your waist looks smaller. This can be achieved by using a good bra clip which will not only prevent your bra straps from slipping but will also lift your bust to give you a defined silhouette.

We found the Bra Perfect Bra Strap Clips which give you instant lift and support. There is 6 clips per pack and they come in 3 different colours.  Bra Perfect Bra Strap Clips are priced at €15.99 and will add a full cup instantly.

3. Add a bit of volume to your hair

Give your hair a bit of volume. Use a product or a blow dryer to make your hair look fuller as it will add a few inches and draw attention away from your body.


Invisibelt -

4. Avoid that muffin top

Wear clothes that fit you well. If your clothes are too baggy, they will only make you look sloppy. Too tight and you might look indavertedly create that dreaded muffin top. Choose clothes that fit you well and are right for your body type as they will do wonders for your sex appeal.


Invisibelt is a flat, undetectable slimming belt that gives you a sleeker look as it allows you to wear your favourite top without the dreaded “belt buckle bulge”. It comes in a Clear or Black colour, has an easy to adjust waist size and eliminates the dreaded “back gap” as well.


Adjust a Button - www.SecretFashionFixes.ie5. Gain a bit more space in your Jeans/Pants

Adjust a Button is a moveable pin-like button that allows you to instantly adjust your waistband up to 1½” instantly, so it’s easy to extend or tighten your waistband without any fuss. It is proven that a woman experiences weight fluctuation on average, 4 times throughout their lives. Adjust a Button  makes it easy to make the most of your existing clothes throughout these periods and help you feel more confident in your own clothes.  It has a flat clasp design so it won’t pinch of poke you and they are made from a sturdy material that mimics the look and feel of an original jeans button.



6. Wear heels

As well as diverting people’s attention to your pretty footwear, wearing a heel will give the illusion that you are taller than you actually are. Stick to comfortable pretty heels like wedges without an ankle strap as they tend to give your calf and ankle a much more slimming effect and you can wear them longer.

7. Accept your body size

We live in a world of constant bombardment of skinny models and raw carrot diets. Chances are that you are more beautiful and actually skinnier than what you perceive yourself to be. So why not love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends?

Armed with these classic tips, you’ll look slimmer immediately without actually having to move a finger. That special occasion coming up for which you wanted to look thinner will go perfect. Just remember that the first step towards being loved is learning to love what you see in the mirror……


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