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The Oscars 2013 – Strapless Evening dresses that dominated the Red Carpet

February 27, 2013

All eyes were on the dresses at the Oscars Red Carpet on Sunday night as this important event always sets the trend for the 2013 Evening dresses to be worn throughout the year. Our top pick of the best dressed on the night definitely have to be Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain,  Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron. These ladies definitely knew what they wanted!

Asides from metallic colors and ballgowns shapes, the dominant key trend coming through in evening wear for 2013 definitely has to be Strapless Evening dresses as 9 in every 10 celebrities opted for them.

To help you achieve perfection when rocking this trend, we’ve a few insider tricks.


  1. Keep it in place – There is nothing worse than having to pull and tug at your dress all night to keep it in place.
    Upsie Daisies were created specifically to help women with this fashion problem. They are zig zag shaped foam adhesives designed  to provide support in every direction. Upsie Daisies are guaranteed to hold up and keep in place just about any dress.
    They are made from a high medical grade material and are hypoallergenic. Each pack contains 18 Upsie Daisies strips.





2. Give your existing Strapless dress a whole new look

 If you already have a strapless dress but have worn it to a couple

of events already, why not give it an instant makeover? Strappy’s are

interchangeable decorative bra straps that help you transform a

strapless dress and give it a whole new look. They are also an elegant

solution to clear or unsightly dress straps. Simply attach these

designer bra straps to your convertible or strapless bra and you are

ready to go! They come in a selection of  styles to suit all!




3. Get a bit of a lift!

When a bra simply won’t do, Strapless Wonder Support Pads is the perfect No-Bra option. They can be trimmed easily for the “perfect” fit and support.

Strapless Wonder Support Pads come in different cup sizes and are comfortable and easy to use .





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