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All the essentials you need in your Handbag to get you out of a “pikle!”!

February 28, 2013

Handbag essentialsA recent study revealed that a woman’s handbag in this modern life weighs on average FIVE pounds……That’s the same as 5 bags of sugar!

Not only does that kind of weight strain your shoulders and your back, it also creates the perfect circumstances for accidents to happen due to the limited space within the bag itself – nothing worse than finding that your hand sanitiser decided to make its “mark” on your diary and your purse!

So where do you draw the line with what goes into your handbag? What do you think you may not need today? This is the dilemma that every woman encounters day in and day out. Do we really need to carry this much weight around today?

Well look no further! The Dill “In a Pikle” is a compact organiser for everything you need to make you the hero in any situation! It looks like a designer purse or wallet but it is full of all the items that McGyver always conveniently had. Most importantly, you will reduce the weight of handbag dramatically without having to compromise on the content as you will have everything you need in one trendy location.

In a Pikle

The “In a Pikle”  bag comes with a starter pack which includes 20+ items that are sure to get you out of  “a pikle”! These include travel size hand sanitiser, nail clippers, mini screwdrivers, adhesive bandages, stain spot remover pen, pill container, dental floss, paper clips, mini scissors, travel size sewing kit and much much more!

Dill “In a Pikle” also has extra room for items that you would like to add to complete your Super Hero bag like your lipstick, money and small perfume! So it’s easy to run out the door with it as a stylish clutch as well. It is 7″ x 10.5″ when laying flat and has a strong magnetic flap that folds over the top to secure.

Dill "In a Pikle" - Compact Handbag Organiser - Bag in Bags

It is the perfect companion for everyday busy lives, weekends away, business travel, at the beach, inside your baby changing bag and even backpacking.

In a Pikle 5

In a Pikle 2

In a Pikle 2

So, don’t be caught out again and always have with you everything you need to get through life’s little challenges like missing buttons, cuts & scrapes, tearing your dress, spills on your shirt/top, broken nail, food stuck in teeth and so  many other sticky situations! The Dill “In a Pikle”  will have you covered!

The Dill “In a Pikle” also comes beautifully packaged with a high quality decorative box which also makes it the perfect gift for a very special lady.

In a Pikle 3


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