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5 Ways to style hair quickly

March 11, 2013

If you’ve ever slept through your alarm clock, you will know the panic that sets in whilst trying to get out the door in a fashionable and organised way. We show you 5 easy and elegant hair styles to get you looking like a million dollars when you are simply short of time.

1. Embrace the wet sleek look

Comb a bit of leave-in Conditioner from root to tip and pull hair into a tight pony tail. Make sure to accessorize with statement earrings to complete the look.

5 Ways to style hair quickly

2. Speed Dry

Turn your head upside down and loosely blow-dry using fingers until hair is 80 percent dry, then clip the top layers up and out of the way. Working in chunky 3- or 4-inch sections, hold a round brush flush to your scalp, pointing the dryer directly at your roots and sweeping it left and right for 20 seconds. To smooth the ends, drag your brush downward for the last five seconds and you’re ready to go.

3. Be a Teeze!

Fine to skip the shampoo but don’t leave the house with your hair looking flat and lifeless. To revive volume simply brush hair down towards the crown with Teeze w/eez  3-4 times and it will leave you feeling like you’ve had a blow dry – as easy as 1-2-3. Gives you full control on volume, repeat if necessary. This styling comb is a must in any lady’s handbag to keep your hair looking fabulous throughout the day!

Teeze with eez

4. Dress up your Bun

Take a cue from the runway: Chic brooches stood out on loose and effortless buns at the Chanel show. Start by applying a bit of hairspray to rough up the hair and to help hold the pin, then twist hair into a knot, fasten, then clip your jewelled piece into the side. For extra security, slide a few hairpins under the closure.

5 Ways to style hair quickly 2

5. Focus on the top layer

Concentrate on getting the framework of your layering right. Apply a bit of hold and shine spray to the top layers around your face and get them right. Use a curling iron if necessary by wrapping just the midsection of your strands around a vertical curling iron and hold for 30 seconds then release. This look has an easy ultra natural vibe.

5 Ways to style hair quickly 3


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