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Affordable Maternity Fashion Solutions

March 22, 2013

Affordable Maternity Fashion

When looking for maternity clothing, we look for comfort, style but more than anything value as this is only the beginning of a roller coaster of expenses associated with having a baby.

We show you affordable pregnancy fashion ideas that don’t cost much and yet will add value to some of your existing items within your wardrobe and help you make the most of them. Why spend a lot on a garments that you will only wear for approximately 6-9 months? Our Maternity Fashion Fixes will help you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Adjust a Button

1. Make the most of your existing jeans

With Adjust a Button you can instantly adjust your waistband and give yourself up to 1 ½ inches of breathing space! For the first 3-4 months, you might not necessarily need to buy maternity jeans as you’ll be able to still use yours with Adjust a Button.

This fantastic button has a flat clasp back so it will not poke or pinch and it is something that will be very handy after the birth when you want to try and get back into your own jeans.

Bra Extenders

2. Wear your own bra more comfortably during this growing time with our Perfect Fit Bra Extenders.

They are 100% polyester, machine washable, and come with 3 in a pack.

Perfect Fit Bra Extenders are available in a selection of hook sizes to suit all styles.

Comfy Shoulder Bra Magic ease the pressure that bra straps put on your shoulders. They are slim, comfortable and have an invisible design that also prevent your bra straps from slipping.

Miss Oops Milk Proof

3. Avoid ruining any tops or bra’s due to leaky breasts

During the third trimester – As your body is getting ready for the birth, you may experience leaky breasts. To prevent any garments getting stained, Miss Oops Milk Proof Maternity Nipple Covers will have you covered!

They will protect your clothes and prevent any embarrassing moments.

Miss Oops Milk Proof Maternity Nipple Covers are designed with a cotton centre and medical-grade adhesive that is non-irritating, easy to use and discreet to carry.

Blouse Button

4. Work-proof your Maternity Wardrobe

As your pregnancy progresses, your cleavage will increase. Avoid showing too much with Blouse Button which are a stylish and clever pin like accessory that will ensure that you have full control over your cleavage.

Available in Blouse Button Crystal, Blouse Button Jet Black, Blouse Button Siam, and Blouse Button Amethyst

Popper Stoppers www.SecretFashionFixes.ie5. If you are experiencing a pop-out belly button, know that we’ve found the perfect fashion solution for you!

Popper Stoppers are latex-free medically approved adhesive covers that will “disguise” your protruding navel.

Visit our Maternity Fashion Fixes for more information on these fabulous money saving & stylish products.

For a chance to win a selection of these products, visit Secret Fashion Fixes Rollercoaster Competition

by the end of March 2013.


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