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How do you measure Bra sizes – a Quick an Easy guide

March 29, 2013

Measure your Bra size - www.SecretFashionFixes.ieFor a lot of women, finding the right bra is like finding a needle in a haystack at times. We tend to stick with a particular style and size and this is not always the best option. Finding the right bra size can be a life changing event as a well fitting bra provides more support, comfort and a good foundation underneath your clothes so that you can feel good from the inside out.

To help you find your right size, Secret Fashion Fixes is here to shed some light on how it all works and to also give you tips on how to make the most of what you already have.

You will need a flexible measuring tape, your best fitting non padded bra and follow these simple steps:

1. Stand straight and measure directly under your bust area going all around your back and under your armpits. Pull the tape as tight as it feels comfortable.

2. Do the same but this time measuring the fullest part of your bust making sure that this is tight as well but not digging in.

Measure your Bra size -

3. Check the table below and find the cross point between the 2 measurements that you took and voila! you’ve got your size!

Bra size guide

If you want affordable fashion solutions that will add value to your existing wardrobe, we’ve got a selection of products that will not break the bank:
Perfect Fit Bra Extenders -

Perfect Fit Bra Extenders  allow you to customise your bra band size and are perfect for when you need an extra inch or two. They are available in a variety of hook sizes and fabric colours and there is 3 in each pack allowing you to blend in with your bra colour.

They are machine washable and very durable.

Bra Band Extenders -

Hollywood Bra Band Extenders  are bra extenders that have an added elastic extension for added comfort and are especially useful when one is experiencing temporary gain (like during pregnancy) as they allow for a perfect fit when you need it.

There is 3 in a pack (white, black and beige) so perfect for matching with any of your existing bras.

Comfy Shoulder Bra Magic -

 Comfy Shoulder Bra Magic are slim silicone pads that evenly distribute the pressure your bra straps put on your shoulders. They are re-usable, have an invisible design, are very comfortable and also prevent bra straps from slipping.

Comfy Shoulder Bra Magic prevent that uncomfortable feeling of your bra straps digging into you.

Bra Perfect Bra Strap Clips -

Bra Perfect Bra Strap Clips  are the perfect solution for preventing your bra straps from slipping. They give you instant lift and support and they can add up to a full cup size to your cleavage! There is 6 Bra perfect Bra strap clips in a pack (2) x Clear (2) x Nude (2) x Black and they are extremely easy to use.


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