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Fashion Tape – Get out of 10 sticky situations!

June 21, 2013

Fashion tape is super versatile, and believe it or not, having double-stick fabric tape in your bag can help prevent full-on wardrobe malfunctions. We give you our top list of how Fashion Tape can get you out of 10 sticky situations.

  • Prevent that annoying feeling of having to constantly pull up your bra straps – Keep naughty Bra Straps in place

Prevent Bra straps slipping -

  • Fix Hems fast and without needle and thread! A small strip of fashion tape will hold fabric securely to make sure no one but you knows!

Fashion Tape Quick fixes -

 Lights! Camera! Fashion! Fix it Tape Strips are hypoallergenic and leave no residue.

This compact metal tin contains 50 x 3” x ½ “ fashion tape strips that will rescue you from any fashion emergency.

Fashion Tape

  • Use Fashion Tape to eliminate Blouse gaps (gapes) and also replace any missing buttons!

Fashion Tape prevent gaps in blouses

Hollywood Fashion Tape comes in a lovely tin that you can carry

around with you wherever you go. Perfect for all those fashion disasters at work!

Hollywood Fashion Tape Tin

  • Secure strapless dresses

Secure strapless dress

For extra support, Upsie Daisies are specifically designed with a zig zag shape for extra support right where you need it.

Upsie Daises - Fashion tape

Upsie Daisie

  • Keep your garments where you want them to stay! Show what you want, when you want!

Secure plunging necklines

Keep garments in place

  • Create a last minute costume for your kids!

Create a last minute costume

  • Secure revealing necklines on your favourite dresses

Secure wrap dresses or tops

Secure wrap dresses

This Flash Tape mini is perfect for having in your bag as it comes with

10’ of tape in a compact mini dispenser. The Black Dispenser even comes

with a mini mirror to make sure you look your best!

Flash Tape Mini - Fashion Tape

  • Keep accessories in place

Keep accessories in place

  • Anchor and hold down shoulder pads on your favourite dresses.

Anchor down shoulder pads

  • Adjust length of  your favourite jeans with Hem Tape for Denim. This is specially designed to support heavier fabrics

and is the perfect no sew option for allowing you get the most

wear out of your jeans or trousers.



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