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Clever uses for your Blouse Button – the ultimate fashion accessory!

July 8, 2013

When it comes to making the most of your wardrobe, one of the key tips is to invest in accessories that make it simple to create different looks by simply changing one or two pieces.

Our favorite this week is the Blouse Button , which is a decorative pin that has many, many uses. It would be like icing is to cake – an absolutely must!

Essentially the Blouse Button is a pin embellished with a stone or gem that you pierce through your clothing (it fastens with a clutch at the back). You use them primarily to keep low tops from revealing to much but there are several other uses for them.

It comes in a variety of colours to suit all styles and we have some tips and  clever ways to use them. Enjoy!

1. Use it to replace a lost or missing button – The Blouse Button is perfect for replacing a lost or missing button on a Blouse or Shirt. It is small enough to fit through any standard eyelet and is a quick solution for that moment when you realise that you’ve lost a button on your favorite blouse or shirt.

Blouse Button - replace missing buttons

In case you lose a button on a super cool shirt like the one above, check out our Black Blouse Button which goes with everything!

Blouse Button Black - buttons for shirts

Or check out the stunning Crystal Blouse Button which is guaranteed to add a bit of bling to any top!

Blouse Button Crystal - Reduce Cleavage

Blouse Button - Bosom Button - Reduce Cleavage on tops

2. Use the Blouse Button as a classy and elegant way to reduce cleavage on a low cut or revealing top when needed. It eliminates the need to wear a vest top underneath and you also avoid messing with safety pins. It also allows you to instantly transform your look from day to night as you have full control as to how much you want to show.

Blouse Button - Cleavage Control - reduce CleavageBlouse Button Crystal - Blouse Button Pearl - Blouse Button Black

3. Use Blouse Button to hold a scarf, pashmina or even a sarong in place. There is nothing more annoying than having to constantly arrange your sarong at the beach. This brilliant accessory can help you play around with your look as well help you maintain it throughout your busy day.

Blouse Button - Cleavage Button - Bosom ButtonBlouse Button - Hold a sarong - accessories

4. Accessorise your jeans and customise your look – Blouse Button can be used on the pocket line to give your jeans a new look by adding a bit of bling.

Blouse Button - Jeans Accessories - Cleavage Control

5. Or simply add a touch of elegance to your look!

Blouse Button Cleavage Accessories

With a selection of  Blouse Buttons to choose from, there is one to suit any style!

 Blouse Button selection - Cleavage Buttons


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