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Debs dresses – Essential tips for getting it right!

August 15, 2013

debs essentials - Debs dresses

With the Debs season fast approaching and so much to think about, knowing the secret weapons you can use to maximise your look will give you solutions to any fashion dilemmas you might encounter. That’s why we give you our top secret fashion fixes depending on your dress type to give you a little help.

Low Back Dress

Showing your bra is a no no situation with a dress with a low back. You can either go for a low bra back converter or why not try out Strapless Wonder support pads that will give you a no bra solution for the “perfect” fit.

debs dresses - debs fashion ireland

Strapless Wonder Supportdebs dresses low back - debs tips

If you’re dress has a very low back and a bra is simply not an option, why not try a pair of Cover Ups . These are self-adhesive, hypoallergenic and comfortable nipple concelears that will avoid perky nipples.

debs dresses low back - debs irelandSilicone Cover Ups - Debs dresses

Strapless Dress

The last thing you want is to have to be tugging and pulling your dress up all night. Check out Upsie Daisies which are double sided zig-zag shaped adhesives that give you that extra bit of added grip and support.

debs dresses strapless - debs dresses ireland

Upsie Daisies

If you are looking to add a bit of glamour, check out Strappy’s decorative bra straps that are guaranteed to add an elegant touch to an existing dress. Available in a variety of styles, they are the perfect accessory that will give you value for money as they can be used on an existing dress and completely transform your look and add originality. They can be clipped to a strapless dress or to your bra.

Strappys - Decorative bra Straps

debs dresses strapless black

Low cut cleavage dresses

Want a bit more control over your cleavage? Blouse Button is a clever and functional accessory that is the perfect solution to showing more than what you want.

debs dresses low cleavage - debs dresses - debs tips

Blouse Button Cleavage Accessories - Debs dresses Ireland

Other Debs Essential Tips

Want to avoid walking barefoot after your feet have had too much partying?

debs tips and essentials redfoot 2

Why not have a pair of Redfoot foldable shoes in your handbag? These cute ballet pumps come with a pouch and are small enough to slip into any handbag. Who said the party is over?

debs tips and essentials redfoot

Fashion tape is another must to avoid any last minute wardrobe malfunctions. Being double sided tape, they hold garments in place when you want – where you want.

debs dresses- debs ireland -  keep it in placedebs dresses essentials

This Braza Flash Tape mini black dispenser even has a little secret mirror!

Flash Tape Mini - Fashion Tape

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