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How to take care of your handbags

September 7, 2013

Handbags - bags - how to look after your handbagsWe’re here to put an end to handbag damage – just by being a little more careful and putting old pillowcases to use, your handbags will look as new as the day you got them.

It’s safe to say that our handbags are a reflection of our style sensibility – they’ve become much more than just arm candy and become a necessary extension of our lives. Without our handbag, where would we put our wallet, receipts, pens, phone, sunglasses, or on-the-go makeup options?

Life without these accessories seems, well, unorganised. There is a heavy reliance on our precious bags or purses which means it’s really only a matter of time until the wear and tear starts to show.

Keep reading below for quick no-fail handbag care tips.

Cute Clutch - handbags - look after your handbags

Treat it.

We recommend to treat your handbags before taking them out into the wild for a spin. This applies to all materials – that way, the handbag’s surface is preconditioned to weather any water damage where you may just be caught in a downpour without an umbrella. For leather, try an All Leather protector spray and for canvas, opt for a Fabric protector. Make sure you test the protector on a small piece before going all spray-happy as some can change the original colour.

Suede handbag - handbags - how to look after your suede bagBrush it

For suede bags, “grooming” is a must –  all you have to do is brush gently to get stains out. Be wary of applying too much pressure; you might just take off some of the suede if you brush too hard.

Spot treatment.

Any type of stain should first be wiped with a microfiber towel followed with a bit of baby wash. Dilute the wash (a drop or two will do in 8-12 ounces of water) and mix the solution in a spray bottle. Never spray any cleaning product (even watered down) straight onto your leather bag; rather, spray the solution onto your towel , then gently wipe the bag. Try to go with the grain of the leather, and use smooth, even strokes. Pay particular attention to the areas of the bag you most often touch, such as the handle and clasp, as those sections are the most likely to be saturated by body oils. It’s also a good idea to condition your bag periodically with a moisturizer specifically tailored to leather purses.

bags - handbags - how to look after your handbag

Show your leather some love

Everyone needs a little love once in a while — and we’ll include bags here. This means not throwing all we can find into them. We know it’s not easy but by throwing too much in, the bag is more likely to lose its original shape. Everything in moderation!

Why not try out our Pouchee handbag organiser to help you transfer only essentials from handbag to handbag? They are available in a multitude of colours to suit all styles! Pouchee handbag organiser - bag in bagIf you like us, struggle to reduce the content of your bag in case you might need something, why not try our In a Pikle ? This compact organiser has over 20 essential items like sewing kit, mirror with dental floss, bobby pins, wipes, stain removing pen and much more for when you find yourself in a “bit of a pikle”!

In a Pikle Bag - handbag compact organiser

Save your old pillowcases for the greater good

If your bag didn’t happen to come with a dust bag, simply use a pillowcase  which will do the trick for keeping your bags fresh and protected. We strongly recommend steering clear of storing your handbags in plastics bags, as it will cause leather and suede bags to dry out.

pillowcases to protect bags - handbag protection


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    Where do i get a piece of your Pouchee?

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