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How to keep your hair looking healthy – 10 things that you’ve got to stop doing today!

September 18, 2013

We’ve all picked up a habit or two along the way when it comes to our hair with the intention of making it look healthier, but guess what? You might actually be doing more harm than good. Here is a list of things that could be preventing you from having fabulous hair every day:

1. Brushing your hair while it’s wet

Brushing your hair when it’s wet stretches the strands and is not as strong as when it’s dry so it causes damage and split ends. Using a wide toothed comb is a much better option as it doesn’t stress the hair.

Tips for healthy looking hair - Look after your hair

2. Setting heat too high on your styling tools hairdryer, straightener or curler

Never put the heat up too high on your hairdryer, straightener or curler. You will not see the damage straight away but your hair will begin to loose life and shine over time. You should always use a heat protector to prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle.

Looking after your hair - how to keep your hair looking healthy

3. Skipping haircuts.

Keep your hair looking healthy by getting rid of those split ends. Over time split ends become even bigger split ends, higher up in the hair root, causing more damage to the hair. It’s best to get it trimmed every month or two.

looking after your hair  - tips for healthy looking hair

4. Avoid Lethal combo

Combining hairspray and your hot iron can be deadly for your hair. The alcohol in most hairsprays burns when it comes into contact with heat. Use a thermal protector before hot ironing then use hairspray afterwards.

Tips for healthy lookig hair - prevent hair burning

5.  Using a lot of hair products

Everything in moderation – the same goes for hair products. Your hair has natural oils and the more product you use, the more you create an imbalance that can either strip the natural oils off your hair or make it becomes over saturated and greasy.

6. The dreaded towel turban

Yes, we’ve all done it at one point or another but this is actually not good for your hair. Wet hair should be gently squeezed with a towel and not wrung out so as to prevent frizz and breakage. Also don’t wring out the excess water from your hair…instead – allow the towel soak up the excess water and avoid unnecessary damage.

how to look after your hair - tips for healthy hair

7. Over shampooing

Using too much shampoo can strip off natural oils from your hair and cause more damage. Use a medium coin size amount of shampoo and distribute evenly.

8. Backcombing with a brush or fine toothed comb

Backcombing with the wrong brush can actually be causing you damage as you rub against the hair’s cuticles. Use a professional tool like  Teeze w/eez  which is specifically designed to add volume with less strokes and you don’t even have to backcomb if you don’t want to – simply run through your hair and watch it come to life! It’s Anti Static Stainless steel pin design adds volume in one fourth of the time.

Teeze w eez Back Combing Comb

9. Colouring hair multiple times

Once hair colour grows out – give it a break for at least 2-3 months. This will give your hair some rest and needed time to recuperate and prevent damage.

10. Always wearing your hair in a bun or ponytail

When you tie your hair up in a bun or ponytail, it causes a lot of tension on your hair and cause damage to strands. Try to avoid pulling the ponytail too tight to minimise the amount of tension on the hair. Wearing your hair down more often can actually transform your look – just see how fab Wilma looks!

Letting your hair down - how to have fabulous hair


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  1. Catriona McEnery permalink

    Thanks for the tips they are great

  2. looks like i need to make a lot of changes – my poor hair!!

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