Makeup Expiration Guide - Makeup Guide - makeup lifespan

A new survey has revealed that women keep hold of their make-up products for up to six years! This is a potential ticking bomb as there is a higher risk of being exposed toxins and bacteria, which lead to unnecessary breakouts and risk of eye infections.

Makeup Expiration Guide - makeup lifespan2

We’re all guilty of clinging on to lipsticks and eye shadows hoping the colours will come back into fashion but make-up can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria that can do you harm. Did you know that using an old eye shadow can potentially lead to eye infections or constant tired eyes and using an old lipstick could lead to cold sores, especially if you’ve shared them with someone?

So here’s a guide that will help you avoid using expired makeup and keep your skin looking fabulous:

make up expiration guide - how long does makeup last

If you use mineral make up, avoid any waste, mess or contamination with our Minerals Mate Tray Application and Mixing Tray.

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So forget tapping those “leftovers” back into the jar which can lead to contamination and bacteria breeding – Try Minerals Mate Tray Application and Mixing Tray.