Bridal tips for your wedding day

Organising a wedding can be a stressful task and we’re here to help you with all the wedding accessories that are available to make sure the Big day is as special as you imagined it would be!

Starlettos  €10

Starlettos  High Heel Protectors are a must have wedding accessory for any Bridal Party this Christmas. These stylish High Heel Protectors will ensure your bridal parties high heel shoes don’t get ruined or damaged when walking on grassy surfaces or gravel.

Starlettos are a stylish high heel protector that stop your heels sinking into grass, soft ground or gravel. So if you are planning on taking your wedding album photos outside this Christmas, ensure you have Starlettos to protect those beautiful bridal shoes.

starlettos shoe protectors bridal shoes

Bride Fashion Emergency kit  €25.00

‘Here comes the bride…’ WAIT! Do you have everything that you need? You have been waiting for this day forever and everything needs to be perfect. Make sure you’re prepared for anything and everything and pick up this Bride Fashion Emergency kit.

This kit includes 16 emergency items that will address every fashion issue known to wedding events!  This Brides Kit is beautifully presented in a satin white bag making it a fantastic gift idea for the Bride to be..

Bride Fashion Emergency Kit bridal accessories

Hollywood Silicone Cover ups – €15.99

The stars’ secret to a smooth appearance! Perky personality – fun; Perky nipples – not so fun. Pesky perkies can pop up at the least opportune moment. Meet Hollywood Silicone Cover ups ™ self-adhesive, hypo-allergenic, comfortable and re-usable nipple concealers. The contour shape boasts a perfectly engineered tapered edge to give you that ultra-smooth appearance.  Perfect under t-shirts, sheer tops and dresses and also great when you want to go bra less.

Silicone Cover ups nipple concelears

Wedding Sole Makeover Kit  €12.50

Getting married and looking for something blue? Why not be creative with these gorgeous Instant Wedding Designer Blue Soles.

This Wedding Sole Makeover Kit  is such a cute gift for the bride to be.  The kit come with one Pair of Sky Blue Wedding Sole Stickers plus two “I Love You” stickers and two “I Do” stickers.

Wedding sole makeover kit stickers for the sole of shoe

Bridal Umbrellas

Of course many couples pray that it doesn’t rain on their wedding day, but surprisingly, a rainy day can be fun and lighthearted – who does not want to kiss their soul mate in the rain like in those romantic chick flicks?

We have a selection of Bridal umbrellas that will make those picture moments magic.

Bridal umbrellas duo

Victorian White Lace Wedding umbrella

These Victorian Wedding Umbrellas are feminine with subtle yet elegant undertones of a bygone age. The Victorians certainly knew a thing or two about style, elegance and weddings. These exquisite and dainty wedding umbrellas are available in a choice of white and ivory. All are approximately 78cm long with a canopy width of 90cm – a nice size to carry. without being too cumbersome.

Lace wedding bridal umbrella

Duo Twin Umbrella

Duo White is easily big enough for two to share, with that huge canopy coverage, 148cm (58″) wide and 99cm (39″) front to back. Simply brilliant for weddings, functions and of course on that special big day out… you’re both covered!

Bride Groom wedding umbrella

White Heart umbrella

These are very special fashion umbrellas, perfect and incredibly popular for weddings. The Heart Umbrella range have a strong yet lightweight fibreglass frame which is totally wind-proof. Available in  Ivory as well.

Heart shaped wedding umbrella