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Top 5 Fragrances for Women in 2013

December 13, 2013

A new season presents some new fragrances, and these top 5 for 2013 definitely provide a wide range of choices for women who want to smell fresh and look radiant always:

5. Valentino Rock’n Rose Couture

Valentino top 5 fragrances - top 5 perfumes for 2013

Rock’n Rose Couture by Valentino is on the top 5 best fragrances for women in 2013 because it’s different. This fragrance combines the best of natural rose with other natural agents like Black currant, and Gardenia and uses bergamot in the base. This fragrance was introduced on the 45th anniversary of Valentino. It comes as a successor of the first fragrance in the collection, Rock’n Rose. The bottle is elegantly wrapped in black lace and adorned with black rose.

4. Gucci by Gucci

Gucci by Gucci top 5 fragrances - top perfumes for 2013

The brand is one of the most popular all around the world and this Gucci by Gucci is planned to be the main fragrance for women by this company. that’s why this perfume remains in the top 5. This Gucci fragrance for women contains Tahitian Tiare flower, guava, Pear, and Honeyed Patchouli, musk and honey in the base. It has an elegant

3. Diesel Fuel for life

Diesel fuel for life top 5 fragrances for 2013

Diesel Fuel for life is one of the fragrances for those long pleasurable weekends. Three words can actually describe this fragrance- Energetic, Fruity, and Vibrant. This fragrance features bergamot, lemon, licorice, star anise and white flowers its natural scent.

2. Marc Jacobs Daisy

Daisy Marc Jacobs top 5 fragrances in 2013 for women

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a sparkly floral-woody fragrance, fresh and it is captured in a lovely bottle decorated with daisy flowers on the top. This fragrance has  fruity strawberry notes, delicate violet leaf, sparkling spicy pink grapefruit and jasmine petals. The powdery soft dry down is composed of white woods, vanilla and musk.

1. Chanel No. 5

A success since it’s launched in 1921,it has been one of the best time favourites of many women and everything about Chanel is just timeless.

Chanel 5 is one of the best to consider when you are going on a long journey. This is a blend of Rose and Jasmine flavor, it is elegant, lighter and fresher, and it is definitely a great perfume to consider for the evening.

And to help you carry your fragrance with you wherever you go, why not check out our selection of Travalo

Travalo fragrance atomiser perfect christmas gift 2013

Travalo  makes it easy and convenient to have a fresh confidence boost any time, anywhere. Rapid Refill in Seconds Travalo fills directly from almost any fragrance bottle with a removable spray head. Take your

Travalo straight out of the pack and it’s ready to use immediately. Simply remove the nozzle from your big fragrance bottle, pump Travalo up and down on the tube, and you can be ready to go in just a few seconds.

Travalo perfume atomiser perfect christmas gift 2013


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