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Seven Essential Jeans Accessories

January 28, 2014

For all you Jeans Lovers out there, here are seven of our essential Jeans accessories to ensure the perfect fit every time.


Lots of us have Jeans that gape at the back. Hipster is such a clever product to solve this fashion dilemma. Not only can it be useHipsterHipster ad to prevent your jeans gaping, it can also be used to prevent that belt buckle bulge.  Ideal if your jeans are slightly too big for you. Hipster bHem Tape for DenimThe first durable double-stick tape specially created for denim to alter the length of your hem-tape-for-denim-jean-hemming-tape-packjeans in a flash! This Hem Tape is a “No sew” quick option to go from Heels to Flats without the fuss. Its strong adhesive, grips fabric fibres for a durable hold but leaves no sticky residue behind and the fabric won’t pucker so you get a clean, smooth hem. Saves on alteration costs and better still you can wear your “new” Jeans that are too long instantly.

Hem Gems

Hem Gems Frame Final1Hem Gems are stylish studs that allow you to temporarily adjust the length of your Jeans while still keeping the look of your original Jeans hem line. Hems Gems makes it easy to wear your favourite jeans with your high heeled shoes and also your flat shoes. They come in a variety of styles and colours and also help prevent fraying of your best jeans.

Adjust-a-Button adjust

Adjust-A-Button is a movable pin-like button which allows you to either extend or reduce your waistbands up to 1½” instantly. It look like an original Jeans button and has a flat back clasp so it won’t poke or pinch you. Great to use if you are in between sizes or pregnant. Also great as a quick fix for lost buttons, to help close the waist gaps or smooth muffin tops or even pin jean jacket collars in place. Long-lasting and re-usable.


Invisibelt before and after FrameInvisibelt is a smooth, undetectable belt with a flat clasp which prevents that Belt Buckle Bulge when you want to wear a slim fitting top over your jeans. It’s adjustable and comes in a Clear and Black colour style. A must-have accessory for all ladies and Jeans lovers.

Zuppies – Keep your Zipper up!

Zuppies are a simple and inexpensive way to keep a faulty zipper up! This new product isZuppies image front designed to keep those pesky zippers in the secured zipped-up position. The unique design is easy to use and doesn’t hinder trips to the bathroom. Zuppies work great with jeans. With Zuppies you’ll never have to worry about embarrassing open zippers.


bootleggers-bBootleggers are a stylish clip-on stirrup that you attach to your jeans leg cuff so that your jeans stay inside your boots all day! They are easy to apply and very comfortable to wear.


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