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Stunning Before and After Makeup Photos

February 8, 2014

While some artists have mastered the Photoshop brushes to give some of their models a much needed face or eye lift, Russian make up artist Vadim Andreev uses those from the make-up artist kit. And his results are sometimes so jaw-dropping it’s hard to believe the pictures weren’t retouched! Using only cosmetics, Vadim transforms women into stunning cover girls, and can do an equally good job with carnival make-up as well.

before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-20before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-19 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-16 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-13 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-12 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-10 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-9 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-8 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-7 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-6 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-5 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-4 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-3 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-2 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-1For more quirky and innovative idea’s visit


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