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Smart Beauty Tips

February 11, 2014

Save time and money in 2014 with these clever beauty tips.

1)      Bring back the Shine to your hairc9bc167928c80c905d14772304c27c7b

imagesProduct build up can cause highlights to lose their lustre. Here’s a quick and easy homemade remedy to fix this. Every two weeks, crush an aspirin and mix the powder into a dollop of shampoo before lathering up. The salicylic acid in the aspirin will help remove any dull coating from your hair and restore shine. Brilliant!

2)      Make your Nail Varnish more Vibrant

73dcdf219fba9ca6a17e93835d661a16Have ever purchased a nail polish that looked bold and beautiful in the bottle but turned out to be disappointingly sheer? No need to throw it away, just get an inexpensive opaque white nail polish and brush it on before applying the colour. The white will make your existing nail polish more vibrant.


3)      Brow Know-How

Those who can’t make heads or tale of brow products should heed this advice. Use a brow pencil to correct over plucked arches or uneven lines. c6f873211279b86649006ae2fab13787Use a brow powder when you want to add fullness to your natural shape. In both cases, pick a shade that matches your brows, not the hair on your head.

4)      Hair Damage Control when Swimming in the Pool

No swim cap? No problem. To keep chlorine from drying out your hair saturate your strands with fresh water before diving in. Your hair will soak up the fresh, not chlorinated, water.  If you hair is already pool-parched? Try this DIY mask: Mash one avocado with one tablespoon safflower oil. After shampooing, massage the mixture into your scalp and wet hair. Cover with plastic wrap and leave on for 10 minutes then rinse.

5)      Tired, Puffy Eyes

5b2cee8b9db92934d281b09d618b969bChances are, sooner or later you’ll find yourself with tired, puffy eyes. The solution, keep green tea–soaked cotton pads in the refrigerator for just such an occasion. Place two chilled pads over your eyes for 10 minutes. The cold plus the antioxidants help tighten skin.

6)      Mascara Shield

Shimmer shadow is far less fetching when it collects under your eyes. For this reason it’s recommended applying the sparkly stuff only with fingertips, never a brush and also using the Mascara Shield.  A brush flicks the pigments all over the place but the oil from your fingers helps pigments adhere to your eye lids. The Mascara Shield placed under the bottom lids will help prevent your shimmer shadow getting on your face makeup.Mascara Shield

7)      Soft and Smoothbf31d83b5051ea298bb4d8b1f1962912

Air-drying hair after applying styling products can leave it feeling crispy. Why? Because the products contain sticky compounds that are meant to melt with blow-dryer heat. Without it, those compounds just stick to your hair. To achieve softness when going au naturel we suggest using half as much product and combing it through. Voilà! Same hold, no crunch. The Teeze w/eez comb is ideal to use here.

8)      White Out

4c604656770722dc44777e83d95b1cacYou probably know that white eyeliner can counteract the redness of bloodshot eyes. But did you know that it can erase redness on skin, too? Makeup artists suggest dotting white pencil on top of blemishes before applying concealer.  White neutralises red tones, so your concealer can cover better.

9)      Bang-Up Job

Bangs/Hair fringes can be so conspicuous when they’re misbehaving. To keep yours from hanging limply over your forehead, hairdressers recommends putting down the hairbrush. Instead, dampen bangs with water, then blow-dry while lifting them up and slightly back toward the crown with your fingers. Finish with a mist of hair spray. Gripping the hairs generates tension, which helps to reshape your fringe better than a brush can.6679b5bb2104b67f4fa84827be518a35

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