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Ideas for Wedding Photo’s with Umbrellas

February 16, 2014

Unfortunately, whatever time of year you plan a wedding day, you can never rely on the weather to behave itself. Even a brief shower at the wrong time can spoil the big day and months of planning.

Every bride hopes and prays for the perfect sunny day but sometimes Mother Nature has a different plan.  Therefore, a smart and savvy bride will be prepared and have a few umbrellas on hand if needed.

Also if it does rain on your wedding day, you might as well make the most of it.  There are so many cute ideas for photos that involve umbrellas.  Some of them are so original and creative, that they can be done even if it’s not raining. Umbrellas are an adorable way to really add a special touch to your wedding day.

Here are some great ideas for wedding photos using umbrellas.

Red Heart Shaped Umbrellas

With a striking coloured canopy, our beautiful Heart shaped Umbrellas will stand out in any crowd. Ideal for weddings, race days, or any special occasion and also perfect as a Valentines, anniversary or birthday gift. This is a very special fashion umbrella that is guaranteed to turn heads.

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Soft Pink Heart Shaped Umbrellas  

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44936730957de6a0b321039f753dbfcc (1) fb253960dbd49ed8239cd8e5e718040c (1)


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Coloured Heart Shaped Umbrellas

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Clear Umbrellas

Moving with the latest trends, we proudly introduce today’s ‘must have’ fashion accessory – the clear umbrella. This umbrella is completely clear, offering a total all-round visibility. One significant advantage of a see-through umbrella is… whatever colour you’re wearing, it won’t clash with your outfit. Whether you’re shopping, out with the dogs or just walking, this clear

8bdd4c5ee68b27ee58943be3c1932ba8        Clear Umbrella wedding Clear Umbrellas

Bridal White & Ivory Umbrellas

ecf8f7c3a27bcb0bce91b7dedb137f30           white heart shaped umbrella

As you can see, no matter what the weather, umbrellas can add to your wedding album photos. Check out our full selection of umbrellas at

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  1. Really good photos.Also gave some good ideas for some photos with umbrellas. A whole new door has opened for me.

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