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How to Fix a Bra

March 5, 2014

Items needed for Underwire Bra Repairfabd193c51c9c75d27e64a669a27f9a8

  • Bra with Protruding Underwire

We all have a favourite bra we tend to wear more then our others! You know the one, it may not be the most attractive but its comfortable to wear and gives you the required support.

Then one day, all of a sudden there is an underwire breakthrough . Ouch!!!

How annoying is it to spend €30/€40 or more on a bra and then have a protruding underwire? especially when its your favourite one!c5c3f3c92d5cf46a2bd5f507733abccc

The thought of having to throw it away kills you, and that,  along with the thought of having to go and get measured again and find another bra just as nice is just too much! So you push back that sneaky, painful, annoying piece of underwire and carry on with the pain for a few more days…

Now you don’t have to as there is a Solution! You can now fix your own bra! What I hear your say…. Thats right, at Secret Fashion Fixes we have found an amazing Fashion Fix that will allow you repair a bra with a protruding underwire!

Let us Introduce you to “FIX-A-BRA“.

Fix A Bra is the easiest and fastest way to Fix a Bra with a protruding underwire. It works and best of all it lasts. Its soft pre-cut moleskin and extra strong adhesive makes for a quick fix. No scissors, thread, needle or glue needed. The Fix A Bra will save you tons of money and your favorite bra. (leave on bras and wash on gentle cycle, air dry)

SONY DSCFIX A BRA contains 30 Pre-Cut strong adhesive patches made of soft Flannel/Cotton. FIX A BRA adhesive strips sticks to various fabrics and textures and is ideal for patching underwire breakthroughs in your bra.

Don’t let underwire discomfort stop you from feeling FAB – FIX A BRA, Cushions areas of discomfort, Stops Chafing and Patches underwire breakthroughs. Available in Black or Nude colour.

Packaged in a  beautifully resealable carrying case, FIX A BRA is a must haveSONY DSC in your beauty repertoire.

How to use:

  • Push wire in your bra, Peel FIX A BRA from its paper backin
  • Press FIX A BRA onto fabric
  • For apparel use only. Do not apply directly to skin

Watch our Fix a Bra Video:

For more innovative and quirky Fashion Fixes visit



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