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Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with our Top 5 Green Accessories from Secret Fashion Fixes.

March 10, 2014

This week we celebrate St Patrick’s Day with our Top 5 Green Accessories from Secret Fashion Fixes.

Green Circles In a Pikle Bag €39.99

In a Pikle Green Circle combinedThere are always moments you never expect and are not prepared for! A spill on your top when out at lunch or dinner, a missing button at work, an unsightly chin hair, a torn finger nail, lunch stuck in your teeth… You all know what I am talking about, these dilemmas have happened us all at some stage. And if you have children, you have more unique challenges ranging from nose bleeds to skinned knees. Our Green Circles “In A Pikle” bag is a compact organiser for essential convenience items needed for the daily emergencies of life. It is camouflaged to look like a small designer wallet. Inside are 8 x Clear, Removable Pouches that attach to the fashionable cover. It comes with a starter pack which contains over 20 essential emergency items. The In a Pikle bag is an ideal for busy women and mothers that are constantly on the go!

Green Pouchee Hand bag Organiser €27.00

APPLE GREEN POUCHEESwitching Hand-Bags has never been easier with the Pouchee Hand-Bag Organiser. It’s compact design has enough pockets for Pens, Sunglasses, Mobile Phone, Credit Cards, Keys, Perfume and Lipstick. The inside zipper pocket is ideal for change or personal items and dividers keep everything organised. It’s stylish circular handles allow you to easily transfer it from one hand bag to another. Our Apple Green Pouchee is the perfect accessory this St Patricks Day!.

Green Heart Shaped Umbrella €28.99

With a striking Green canopy, this beautiful Heart Shaped Umbrella will stand out in any crowd. Ideal for attending heart_greena St Patricks Day Parade and also perfect as a special occasion gift. This is a very special fashion umbrella that will turn heads in a crowd. The Green Heart shaped Umbrella has a strong yet lightweight fibreglass frame which is totally wind-proof.  Style with a touch of Class!

Green Vintage Style Ice Bag €13.99

Vintage Style Ice Bags are always there when you need relief and comfort from everyday aches & pains! Relieves muscle soreness, swelling and headaches and much more! Vintage Style Ice Bags will become a trusted friend. Theses cute range of Ice bags are a mother’s best friend to comfort your child when all the bumps, Army-Joe-New_152bruises, scrapes or discomfort become a routine for your active child! The Vintage Style Ice Bag has stood the test of time of mothers for over 3 generations! For the best in comfort and pain relief – our Ice Aid Vintage Style Ice Bags are a great solution

Green Emerald Shoe Clips €20Emerald Green Shoe clips

The top colour this St Patricks Day: EMERALD Green! Add a splash of green colour to your shoes with our emerald rhinestone shoe clip flowers. They are guaranteed to give your shoes an instant makeover and lift. Celebrating on St. Patricks Night add our Emerald Green Shoe clips to your evening heels and you’re sure to get noticed.

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