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Tips to Organising a Hen Party & Some Cute Hen Party Gift Ideas

April 11, 2014

Organising a Hen Party can be a daunting task for a bridesmaid. Especially if you are organising it yourself and not everyone knows each other. Don’t worry! We’ve compiled some helpful tips to give the Hen a send-off to single life that will be a talking point for some time to come!

Hen-Night1) Discuss with the bride and agree a suitable date for the Hen Night/Weekend. It is a good idea to give yourself as much time as possible to organise the hen party.
2) Get the bride to give you a full list of names, mobile phone numbers and ideally emails of those she wishes to invite
3) Once you have this information, set up a “Hen Party Group” contacts in your phone address book so you can easily send group text messages. It’s even easier and cheaper if you do this on your phone provider’s website!
4) Send out a “Save the Date” text and seek confirmation for attendance so you have an idea of numbers
5) It is an idea, especially if you have email addresses to contact everyone personally to introduce yourself and let them know you’re organising the hen party. Even just a quick email can make everyone feel included and is a good way to get some feedback on things they might be keen to include early on.
6) Set deadline dates for people to reply and if they don’t reply then follow up with them individually.
7) You want the hen night to be a surprise for the bride but it’s a good idea to include the bride in some of the planning, just so you are both singing off the same hymn sheet and her expectations and approval is met. Obviously there is no need to tell her everything! cocktail_banner
8) There will always be one or two last minute drop outs, so a very good tip is to share the cost between less people, that way you are covered financially if one or two drop out last minute. Also on the plus side if they come, you can just use the extra money for drinks, decorations, taxi costs etc.
9) Once arranged, email all invitees full details of where the Hen Party is being held and when, the dress code, and amount it is going to cost each individual, what their money covers, and how you want payment i.e. providing your bank account dethen_featureails is probably the easiest way
10) If a deposit is required give a deadline for receipt of same and keep a record of who has paid. Don’t be afraid to send out gentle reminders if needs be.
11) A nice idea is to suggest in the invite that everyone brings a little gift for the hen which can be given to her after dinner, be it funny, sentimental or bold!!!!

Below are some Cute & Quirky Gift ideas from our “Wedding Must-Have” section of Hen Gift Ideasour website


















a. Bride Fashion Emergency Kit
b. Bridal Umbrella
c. Honeymoon Kit
d. Wedding Shoe Makeover kit
e. Just Married/Lucky You Tatatoos
f. Bridal Lingerie set
12) If you are having a themed event ensure everyone knows about it well in advance so they can get organised. You might decide to go with the classy cocktail dresses look or have everyone wear customised Hen T-shirts, so many options to choose from here..
13) If you are planning to do a “This is your Life” Scrapbook / Notice Board give everyone including her Mum time to go through photos and get them sent to you. Ensure you scan and return all originals as soon as you can.
14) If you are going to get everyone to sign a Hen Party Memory book, again try and have it done in advance, giving everyone enough time to sign it kelepce_lanybucsu
15) Always have some fun Hen Party Games up your sleeve for the night, which will help break the ice, especially if everyone does not know each other. The element of surprise is always expected so think of some fun ways to delighted/embarrass the hen and amuse the other girls.index
16) Just before the big night, email AND text directions to the accommodation and times of bus departure etc. This means that everyone will a) have your mobile phone number if they need to contact you and b) have the address of the accommodation to give to taxi drivers if they get lost!
17) As main organiser, bring a contact sheet with you detailing the names and numbers of everyone going, and other bits and pieces like local restaurants and taxi numbers
18) Don’t foriN A pIKE fACEBOOKget to pack a Hen Survival Kit for the bride to be and others! We suggest you bring your already packed ” In a Pikle” bag   containing all the necessary items needed for the night i.e. wipes, headache tablets, safety pins etc. !
19) Remember on the night itself you will be the one that everyone will turn to and ask what the plan is; so be prepared!
20) Ensure to delegate tasks on the night and have a trusted friend as your right hand women to help you keep things moving and ensure the night runs smoothly
21) Remember no matter what happens on the night, it’s all about the Hen so just have FUN!!
22) A Nice idea afterwards it to set up a Facebook page where everyone can upload their photos and share their memories if they wish.


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