After many months of boots and socks, and going without pedicures your feet could use a bit of pampering about now!  Summertime means lots of outdoor activities and open toe shoes and sandals.  And let’s face it…..neglected feet and toes are not a pretty sight.

Here are 5 tips to help get your feet looking and feeling summer-ready!

1)    Exfoliate.

Pedicure in a bottleWith the dryness of our feet during the winter, sometimes our feet become rough and cracked, so much so builders could sand furniture with them! Miss Oops Pedicure in a Bottle cream is an ideal exfoliant which not only exfoliates but also hydrate your feet. Plus, it’s easy to use! Most exfoliating creams require you to rub the formula on your feet and then wash it off. Not this one. The exfoliating component is actually absorbed into the skin. Pbeautiful legs and hands with perfect french pedicurelus, with this non-greasy formula, you can apply it in the morning and wear your shoes without that “slippery-greasy” feeling. Your feet will feel smooth and smelling pretty – just like you had a pedicure! No more hard & cracked skin, just smooth, soft, great looking feet! The perfect way to exfoliate and remove hard skin from your feet.

2)    DIY Pedicure.

No need to give all your extra cash to the nail salon, get your feet summer-ready with a safe, at-home pedicure.  First, soak your feet in lukewarm water, or pick a nice Foot Soak if your wish, to soften manicuregoyour nails. Use an orange stick to remove any dirt from under the nails, then clip your nails straight across before filing, using our Manicure on the Go Nail Files (be sure not to cut into the corners of your nails, and don’t clip them too short — that can cause ingrown nails).   Never, ever cut your cuticles! They help keep germs away from your skin and nails.

3)    Choose a Trendy Nail Polish. 

Now you’re ready for nail polish, be sure to use a base coat to prevent yellowing and a top coat to help your pedicure last longer.  Red or pink nail polish on your toes looks lovely, but why not have some fun and switch to a bold or funky colour.  This Summer, pastel colours are on trend.  So go ahead, Grip and Tip 2opt for a nail polish in a vibrant teal, coral, blue or even mint and you’ll be sure to have the trendiest toes on the Nail Poilish RemoverFeetbeach. Have our Nail Polish Corrector & Remover Swabs on hand for any touch-ups required and also our Grip & Tip Nail Polish Bottle Holder which will free up both hands for easy pedicures.

4)    Moisturise Parched Feet. 

Winter and long hot baths can sap the moisture in your feet.  For summer, try taking shorter, cooler baths/showers and apply a heavy moisturising cream right after, to lock in the moisture.

5)    Plenty of Sun Cream.

sandals (2)The skin on the tops of your feet is thin and prone to sun exposure while wearing sandals. After being undercover all winter, feet are especially prone to sunburn. Be sure to protect your feet with sunscreen.  Skin cancer can affect any part of the body, including the feet.

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