Here are 5 tips to help keep your feet smelling fresh and also your shoes this Summer.

Smelling shoesFoot odour is really common, but it can be embarrassing. The stench is caused by bacteria, which love dark, warm, moist locations – like in those gorgeous new pair of summer flats you have worn all day long. But don’t worry foot odour is easy to beat, once you know the tricks.

  1. Wash your feet every day with antibacterial soap and water, and make sure you dry them completely. Wash your feet in the tub if you’re not taking a shower.

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2. Add Flatliner Footwear Odour Killer to your shoes.  Flatliners are designed to line shoes and remove odours. Unlike other inserts, Flatliners are specifically made thin enough to use in women’s flats. They can be placed in already stinky shoes or in new pairs as a preventative measure against odours, extending the life of your favourite around-town shoes.Flatliners summer shoes




3. Wear a different pair of shoes every day. Try not to wear your shoes two days in a row. This will allow your shoes dry out completely between wearings, helping to kill bacteria.

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  1. Always wear “invisible socks” or “no-show socks,” which are designed to hide under ballet pumps or flats. Wear cotton socks or tights, if possible, since cotton allows your feet to breathe.









5. Wear shoes that fit properly. If your shoes are too tight, your feet may sweat more than usual (and you’ll be miserably uncomfortable, too). Even better, choose shoes made of natural fabrics that breathe– then you can breathe easily, knowing your feet are in good shape.