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Nail Accessories for the Perfect Manicure

March 20, 2015

With the nail trends exploding for Spring/Summer, we bring you our clever Nail Accessories especially for nail enthusiasts. These nail accessories will ensure you have the perfect pedicure and manicure every time.

Grip and Tip Nail Polish Bottle Holder

Grip and Tip 3Grip & Tip Nail Polish Holder is your personal manicure and pedicure assistant! Nail polish bottle holder keeps nail polish bottle steady and tilted, preventing spills and helping you reach every drop! Freeing both hands for easy manicures and pedicures, it adjusts to hold small bottles of all sizes and shapes—allowing easy, efficient application for nail pGrip and Tip High resolish. This clever invention collapses for storage and travel, grips various shapes and sizes of bottles and tilts and tips bottles for maximum fluid usage.


French Tip Dip.

.FTD Main BrandedDo you love French Manicures but find it difficult to do it yourself? We have a genius accessory kit that will make you your own manicurist! Introducing the French Tip Dip Tool Kit – It’s an easy, affordable, do-it-yourself French Manicure accessories kit.

The French Tip Dip Patented tool has multiple sized tips for quick and easy French manicures and pedicures. One size fits most. It is also10888562_852126471497058_8912324242573386503_n perfect for natural & artificial fingers & toes. Allows for easy clean-up with nail polish remover. Use your French Tip Dip Kit with any nail polish or colour of your choice!



Give yourself a professional manicure, achieve your desired results with the help of the Handirest. The specially designed hand shaped foam, offers you all the benefits of comfort and ease when painting your nails, applying nail wraps or false nails. Ultimately keeping your hand steady and speeding up theGy2WJljm time it takes to finish your nails. Avoiding any possible mistakes.

• Approved by professionals

• One Handirest can be used for left and right hand

• Easily cleaned with a damp cloth and nail varnish remover

• Comes in one size that’s comfortable for all hand sizes

Nail Polish Corrector & Remover Swabs.

These cotton swabs offer precise touch ups that cotton balls or wipes can’t master. The swabs contain a soy-base, acetone-free nail polish remover inside. Snap 10435980_854656304577408_9164686211888105119_nthe swab stick and correct manicures and pedicures with ease. Includes 24 pre-filled portable, cotton swabs in a convenient storage case.

Nail Thimbles.

For easy mess free removal of shellac/gel polishes, naiNail Thimblesl polish, can also be used to treat cuticles. Save on tin foil and lint free pads.




4 Way Nail Buffer

This cushioned buffer with 4 functions in one, perfectly follows the curve of nail and makesNail Buffer polish fast and easy. It files, polishes, and buffs and leaves your nails with a salon shine. Whether it is polishing or smoothening the nail surface or filing the edge of your nails, the 4 Way Nail Buffer Block does it all. To shape and buff up, this little tool for nail art work proves to be a very handy piece. Both false nails as well as natural nails can be polished well with this nail buffer block. The Nail Buffer Block can be used for personal as well as professional use both.



Manicure on the Go.

The Manicure on the Go is a “Stylish” On-the-Go Nail File Solution. The Matchbook style nail file kit contains 12 medium and 12 fine grit nail files and is just perfect for your handbag or tiniest clutch.

Vogue Style Manicure Kit – 9 piece

Packaged in a gorgeous vogue style purse this nine piece manicure and pedicure set is perfect when travelling or just to have on hand in your bag when needed. This high quality manicure kit is so beautifully presented in a gorgeous vogue style soft PU leather case lined in swede it would make the perfect gift ideas.

Manicure kit FBFor lots more innovative and quirky beauty and fashion accessories visit our online store


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