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Top Five Fashion Emergency Kits from Secret Fashion Fixes.

May 12, 2015

Hollywood Fashion Emergency Kit. €16.99 Hollywood Fashion Emergency KitPackaged in a cute pink tin, this Fashion Emergency Kit has 14 essential products needed to prevent or repair any wardrobe malfunction. It contains fashion tape, deodorant-removing sponge, lint-removing sheets, sewing kit, stain wipe, earring back, instant button, hair band, nail file, blister pad, shoe-shine sponge and more. Its small & compact, so ideal to have in your handbag!   Diva I’ve Got Issues Kit €22.50 You’ve got issues and we’ve got solutions! If you suffer from gapping shirts/blouses, annoying clothing labels, straps that won’t st13600ay covered, bra’s that are too tight, then the “Diva I’ve Got Issues Kit” is for you. This kit comes in a very cute handbag style small clear cosmetics bag with a closing zipper and contains many essential accessories that will ensure you look & feel fabulous no matter what you wear. Stylette €15.50 Lift. Hide. Secure. Tuck. Tighten. Hem. The Stylette contains a clever collection of 10 styleStyletteas essentials to prevent any style malfunction and simply perfect your appearance. Look buttoned-up and feel confident on-the-go! Contains solutions for the most common everyday malfunctions. Compact pouch is perfectly portable and great to pop in your handbag. Adorable designs appeal to every fashionista. Little bag. Big value. Brides & Bridesmaid Fashion Emergency Kits €25 You have been waiting for this day forever and everything needs to be perfect. Make sure you’re prepared for anything and everything with the Brides & Bridesmaid Fashion Emergency Kits. These kits include a selection of essential emergency items that will address every fashion issue known to wedding events and are beautifully presented in a white and pink satin bag. These kits will help you keep cool if a situation arises, as they have all the tools needed for any crises that may come your way. They also include white chalk and even wedding bands, just in case! wedding tips Brides Fashion Emergency Kit wedding tips Bridesmaid Fashion Emergency Kit           Fashion Style Kit in Tin €15.99 Packaged in a cute keepsake tin this Fashion Style Kit contains all the tools of the trade that will help prevent a fashion mishap or wardrobe malfunction. It contains a selection of bra clips, fashion tape strips and petal elegance concealers. SS KIT TIN_L


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