Canopi Sleeves €39.95

For every woman who wants to cover her arms, Canopi is a simple, seamless, elegant solution to enable her to wear that sleeveless dress. Canopi is trusted to cover the arms and banish those unsightly bingo wings. Canopi is available in a micro mesh or lace style and is perfect focanopi-autumnr evening and day wear. It breathes, maintains shape and elasticity and doesn’t crease. Canopi Sleeves can instantly transform the look of your outfit and is so elegant and stylish to wear with any sleeveless garment.





Key Socks  – knee high no show socks for women €12.99

We’ve all wrestled with footies that get scrunched up under foot, and going sock free can result in blisters and smelly shoes. Now you can wear socks with your favourite flats or heels without having to adjust every five minutes thanks to Keysocks. These sleek no show keysocks4asocks will keep your feet warm and comfortable but won’t show when you’re wearing heels or flats. A patent-pending cut-out at the top of the foot keeps the socks out of sight, while the knee high length helps hold the socks up and won’t be seen under full-length jeans or pants. Utilising high-quality Coolmax™ polyester helps protect your feet from the rubbing that can cause blisters, as well as wick moisture away keeping your feet cool and dry. Say good-bye to unsightly socks and footies that won’t stay in place and hello to Keysocks!

Sweater Tamer €13.00

Sweater Tamer brick removes sweater pill, lint, fluff bobbles and fuzzies from your clothes instantly, making them look like new again. Sweater Tamer will allow you to get a lot more wear out of your favourite sweaters, cardigans or wool jumpers. It is also great for coats, fleece wear and blankets! All you need to do is lightly rub Sweater Tamer on your material & watch the “fluff” disappear! Clothing will look brand new again!


Clear Umbrella €24

clear-umbrella-white-trimMoving with the latest trends, today’s ‘must have’ fashion accessory – the clear umbrella. This umbrella is completely clear, offering a total all-round visibility. One significant advantage of a see-through umbrella is… whatever colour you’re wearing, it won’t clash with your outfit. Whether you’re shopping, out with the dogs or just walking, this clear PVC umbrella design is stylish, lightweight and practical. Great at special occasions when you want to look your best (even if it rains) or just for everyday use. This clear PVC umbrella really is just so versatile!

Soft Polar Fleece Headband Ear Warmer €8.99

This stylish headband is made from heavyweight polyester fleece material. Its quick to pop on and provides comfort & warmth. Perfect for those who are not fond of winter hats also great for those all-weather walkers, joggers and sports spectators. Ideal for men or women. Especially designed to keep your ears warm.winter-fleece-headband-one-size-velcro-wrap-ear-cover-soft-warm-assorted-color_35807