Fix that Beauty Dilemma:

You’ve just spent ages applying your make-up and just as you finish off with the application of your Mascara, it smudges everywhere destroying your eye-shadow and leaving horrible spider legs under your eyes! Such an annoying beauty dilemma that happens us all!

 Our Secret Fashion Fixes Solution:

Pink Mascara Shield €13.99

Placed under your top and bottom eyelashes it allows you to apply your mascara without Mascara-Shielddisturbing other make-up or marking the skin. It helps line & coat each lash making any thin or sparse eyelashes easier to see. For thick and long lashes, mascara application goes on more smoothly and evenly. The Mascara Shield can be used in the same way for eyelash tinting & applying individual false eyelashes. This is a must have beauty accessory. BUY HERE


Product Pick of the Week:

Eye Make-up Corrector and Remover Swabs 24 x €4.75

These cotton swabs offer precise touch-ups that cotton balls or wipes can’t master. The swabs are pre-filled with a vitamin E & aloe vera eye-makeup remover formula inside Eye makeup remover1them. Snap the swab stick and touch up makeup while applying or for quick on-the-go touch ups. Perfect for everyday use and ideal to pop in your handbag. Includes 24 pre-filled portable, cotton swabs.

Secret Fashion Fixes is an online One-Stop-Shop for innovative and quirky products & accessories especially designed to solve fashion & beauty dilemmas that ladies can experience in their everyday lives. Be it faulty zippers, jeans too tight or too loose, slipping bra straps, lost earrings, deodorant marks on tops, you name it, whatever the fashion dilemma we have a fashion fix or beauty solution to solve it. Our products will help ladies look their best and feel more comfortable in their clothes and prevent that fashion mishap or wardrobe malfunction.

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