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Hen Party Gift Ideas

It’s become quite a trend to bring a gift for the bride to be at her hen party night, so below we have some novel hen party gift ideas.

“I do to the Shoe” Bridal kit

shoebridalkit-600_600Wedding bells will be ringing and the brides feet will be singing with joy with this The “I do to the Shoe” Bridal kit. It will ensure every step of the brides big day is with confidence and comfort. The kit contains Blue “I do” Tip Toes ball of foot cushions, White Heavenly Heelz back of heel cushions and Clear & Black Sole Stopperz: non-slip Sole grips




The Ladies Night Out Kit

With this ladies night out kit, the bride to be will have everything she needs for her night out on the town & for recoverLadies night outy the next day.

Everything comes in a cute pink pouch that fits easily into your bag.







Handbags & Shoes Fund Glass Jar Money bank 

We all need a retail therapy fund! This cute Handbags & Shoes moHandbag and shoes fundney-bank is just the gift for the avid shopper & fashionista bride to be.









Wedding Toilet Paper – Game Over 

Game Over wedding print toilet paper is a fun addition when holding a hen party! Wedding Toilet Paper can be used as a fun & quirky gift idea for Hen parties. Plan to use it at pre-Game Over Toilet Paper finalwedding parties. Each Roll is packaged in a Printed Cylinder Plastic case so perfect as fun gift idea.








Wedding Sole Makeover Kit €12.95

The bride will always need something blue? Why not be creative with these gorgeous Instant Wedding Designer Blue Soles. This Wedding Sole Makeover kit is such a cute gift for the bride to be.  The kit come with one Pair of Sky Blue Wedding Sole Stickers plus two “I Love You” stickers and two “I Do” stickersRossa Wedding soles

Honeymoon Sweet and Spice Kit 

This Kit has all the little essentials every bride will need on her honeymoon, all nicely packaged in one stylish kit. It would make a gorgeous gift for the Bride to Be. Enclosed inside are a selection of fun, sexy and romantic items that are meant to be shared. Whom better with than the love of your lhoneymoon kitife. For love & laughter and happily ever after.. Honeymoon Sweet & Spice Kit comes in a large clear cosmetics bag with zipper and contains a Perfume Brooch – for his favourite scent, a pair of black pleather sexy re-usable nipple covers, a Candy Bra and Panty Set and a pair of Red Heart Sexy Nipple Covers.




Just Married Tatatoo’s

Who would have thought temporary tattoos could leave such lasting impressions?  Treated like a personal greeting card (with a flirty twist), ta•ta•toos are temporary tattoos, that relay sentiments in a fun, intimate and original way.  Our Just Married Tatatoo would make the perfect fun hen party gift for the bride to be!Tatatoos wedding

White Bride Cheeky & Thong underwear 

This bridal underwear has an extremely flattering fit and is made of very soft fabric. Each set comenippies cheeky whites with co-ordinating nippies making it a flirtatious, yet adorable & funky lingerie set. This set is an ideal gift for Bride to be.. and also perfect for Brides “Something Blue”

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Wedding Day Emergency Kits

As a bride, you need to be prepared for every possible eventuality on your wedding day, that’s why it is a very good idea to have a Wedding Day Emergency Kit on hand for you and your bridesmaids.

Below are four emergency kits which will ensure to have your covered should a crisis occur.

Brides & Bridesmaid Fashion Emergency Kits €25

Brides and BridesmaidYou have been waiting for this day forever and everything needs to be perfect. Make sure you’re prepared for anything and everything with the Brides & Bridesmaid Fashion Emergency Kits. These kits include a selection of essential emergency items that will address every fashion issue known to wedding events and are beautifully presented in a white and pink satin bag. These kits will help you keep cool if a situation arises, as they have all the tools needed for any crises that may come your way. They also include white chalk and even wedding bands, just in case!

“I do to the Shoe” Bridal kit €25

Wedding bells will be ringing and the brides feet will be singing with joy with this The “I shoebridalkit-600_600do to the Shoe” Bridal kit. It will ensure every step of the brides big day is with confidence and comfort. The kit contains Blue “I do” Tip Toes ball of foot cushions, White Heavenly Heelz back of heel cushions and Clear & Black Sole Stopperz: non-slip Sole grips


 Fashion Style Kit in Tin €15.99

Packaged in a cute keepsake tin this Fashion Style Kit contains all the tools of the trade that will help prevent a fashion mishap or wardrobe SS-KIT-TIN_Lmalfunction.

It contains a selection of bra clips, fashion tape strips and petal elegance concealers.


stylette kita

Stylette – Fashion & Beauty Emergency Kit €15.50

Lift. Hide. Secure. Tuck. Tighten. Hem. The Stylette contains a clever collection of 10 style essentials to prevent any style malfunction and simply perfect your appearance. Contains solutions for the most common everyday malfunctions. Compact pouch is perfectly portable and great to pop in your handbag. Adorable designs appeal to every fashionista. Little bag. Big value.stylette (2)

stylette black 16

For lots more must-have bridal accessories check out the Bridal Section of our website.


Essential accessories that Mascara Lovers will just adore..

Ladies just can’t live without their mascara! Below are some essential accessories that every mascara loving lady will just adore and find useful.

 Pink Mascara Shield €13.99

Mascara ShieldPlaced under your top and bottom eyelashes it allows you to apply your mascara without disturbing other make-up or marking the skin. It helps line & coat each lash making any thin or sparse eyelashes easier to see. For thick and long lashes, mascara application goes on more smoothly and evenly. The Mascara Shield can be used in the same way for eyelash tinting & applying individual false eyelashes. This is a must have beauty accessory.



The Beauty Guard (2Pack) €9.50

Achieving beautiful eyes is made easier, faster and cleaner using the Makeup Guard. Get clean, exact applications of eye shadow and eyeliner with this trapezoidal tool which makes eye makeup application a lot easier. Round, bevelled edges resist clumping and catch excess residue and the addition of ruler measurements along the side ensures your eyes Makeup Guardare more Angelina Jolie than Maleficent!

Eye Makeup Corrector & Remover Swabs (24 pack x €9.50)

These cotton swabs offer precise touch-ups that cotton balls or wipes can’t master. The swabs are pre-filled with a vitamin E & aloe vera eye-makeup remover formula. Snap the swab stick and touch up makeup while applying and for quick on-the-go touch ups. Perfectly packaged to pop in your handbag. Includes 24 pre-filled portable, cotton swabs.HW makeup removerCleanse-Off-Mitt

Cleanse off Mitt €3.50

Say bye bye to face wipes! The Cleanse Off Mitt quickly removes all make up naturally – including mascara! A mitt designed to remove all traces of makeup with JUST the mitt itself, i.e. NO cleanser is needed! Just add water to the mitt and remove all makeup/ pollution etc. from the face. Easy peasy! Quick and affordable! Reusable! An innovative Irish product.

Panda Pen €25

PandaPenThe Panda Pen is for all those times you have stopped in front of the mirror to find your eye makeup has let you down…again. This super portable tool cleans up your Panda eyes anytime, anywhere as it is small enough to fit in your bag.  It has a small renewable woven cotton tip with conditioning eye make-up remover that fits underneath your bottom eyelashes and gives you precise control over what eye makeup stays and what goes. It is tough on waterproof mascara and eyeliner but gentle on your skin, and it doesn’t leave an oily residue.


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Boot Season – Must have Boot Accessories.

With Winter and cold weather still in our midst, our boots won’t be going anywhere for a while! Below are some of our Boots accessories that not only will help keep your long boots from sagging but also help keep your jeans inside your boots!

 BootStay – Adhesive Sag Preventer €13.49

Boot-stay-FB-finalDon’t you hate it when your long boots start to droop, sag or slide down towards your ankle? Doesn’t look great either! We have just the solution for you – Boot Stay Adhesive Sag Preventer. Boot Stay is made of flexible cotton covered material which is rigid enough to keep your boots from falling down yet soft enough so your boots don’t turn into torture devices. It is very comfortable to wear inside your boots, you won’t even notice they’re there and they’ll put an end to your sagging boots problem.


Bootleggers €15.00

Bootleggers are a stylish clip-on stirrup that you attach to your jeans leg cuff so that your jeans stay inside your long boots all day!

Bootleggers finallong bootsThey are easy to apply and very comfortable to wear. A must-have as we move into our long boots season!




Miss Oops Boot Straps

Miss Oops Boot Straps keeps jeans tucked into boots so no more fabric-bunching at the Miss Oops Boot Strapsknees. These Velcro straps are adjustable and easy to use. Just pull jeans down, fasten material around the ankle using Boot Straps, slip on your boots and off you go!

Oval Buckle Boot Chain €18

Start your own revolution with these gritty-glam clip-on boot chains. A grungy set of boot chains add that edge to your super girly outfits and are perfect accessory for all different types of boots. A great way to accessorise and rejuvenate your existing boots this Autumn/Winter.

Oval Boot Chains

In Between Sizes – Solutions to help clothes fit better

bigstock_Beautiful_Caucasian_Woman_In_B_28719121This time of year many of us might have a few pounds to shift after the holiday period and may find we are in between sizes. Nobody wants to go to the expense of buying new clothes, so here are a few accessories that will help your clothing fit more comfortable. 

Adjust-a-Button (2 x buttons) €20.00

Adjust a Button - instantly adjust waistband - Expand waistbandAdjust-A-Button is a movable pin-like button which allows you to either extend or reduce your waistbands up to an inch and a half instantly. It look like an original Jeans button and has a flat back clasp so it won’t poke or pinch you. Great to use if you are in between sizes or pregnant. Also great as a quick fix for lost buttons,

to help close the waist gaps or smooth muffin tops or even pin jean jacket collars in place. Its Long-lasting and re-usable.

55d42d45e1b51e0c_Picture-4Tummy Ties €14.99

TummyTie was designed to allow people to continue wearing their own clothes comfortably throughout pregnancy and post pregnancy, fluctuating weight, bloating and menopause. Unlike anything else on the market, TummyTie’s unique patented design is made from a simple elasticised strip and is fastened to your clothes using the existing button and buttonhole – NO bulky fabric panels needed, as your zipper stays locked in place! Pack comprises two sizes in both black and white; the elastic expands with the waistline without restricting you or causing discomfort.

Blouse Button €12.00Stylish-Lady-Women-Sexy-Low-Cut-Wrap-Long-Sleeve-Fitted-V-neck-T-shirt-Casual-T

The Blouse Button is a very clever and functional accessory designed to help minimise cleavage on your favourite top or dress. It is a very stylish pin that can be used to help close up low cut tops or dresses and prevent gaping bust lines. It eliminates you having to manipulate safety pins or wear a camisole. It can also be used to close wrap tops or dresses, keep pashminas/scarfs in place, close shirt gaps, hold sarongs in place, replace lost buttons or just wear it as an accessory! Comes in a crystal, pearl, black, red or purple style.

Blouse Button 2015

Brah! Extender: Bra breathing room – 2 hook (3 Pack)  €12.99

Free the squeezeBack rolls? In-between sizes? Winter weight? The solution is Brah! Extender: bra breathing room (2-hook). Brah! Extenders make life a little more comfortable. They simply attach to the hooks on your bra band, giving you a little more breathing room and extending the life of your favourite bra. Ultra-thin, soft microfiber with nylon-coated hooks. Available in 1,2,3, 4 and 5 hook styles. Bra Extenders








For lots more genius solutions to all those annoying fashion and beauty dilemma’s visit


Christmas Gift Guide – Christmas Gifts & Stocking Fillers Under €15!

As Christmas is fast approaching we bring you a selection of our great value, unique & quirky very popular Christmas gift ideas all under €15.

The Beauty Spoon €9.99

Beauty SpoonNo more wasting precious make-up and creams!

The Beauty Spoon is designed with an ergonomic handle and flexible stem making it easy to retrieve every last drop of liquid and cream located at the bottom or sides of your product bottles and containers. The 2-pack Beauty Spoon set contains a 7 and 10 inch tool that together, can be used on almost any sized container.

 Keysocks – knee high no show socks for women €12.99

We’ve all wrestled with footies that get scrunched up under foot, and going sock free can result in blisters and smelly shoes. Now you can wear socks with your favourite flats or heels without having to adjust every five minutes thanks to Keysocks. These sleek no show socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable but won’t show when you’re wearing heels or flats. A patent-pending cut-out at the top of the foot keeps the socks out of sight, while the knee high Keysocks weblength helps hold the socks up and won’t be seen under full-length jeans or pants. Utilising high-quality Coolmax™ polyester helps protect your feet from the rubbing that can cause blisters, as well as wick moisture away keeping your feet cool and dry. Say good-bye to unsightly socks and footies that won’t stay in place and hello to Keysocks!

Gold or Silver Dtangler Hairbrush €14.99

Its patented design of perfectly-placed bristles glides through tangled hair without tugging or pulling, eliminates tangles and knots; giving you smooth and painless brushing experience! Dtangler™ is designed to gently detangle your hair in seconds! Wave goodbye to tangles and dramatically reduce hair breakage, splitting and damage due to mistreatment of your hair! Its ergonomically designed handle fit snugly in your palm makes every grip easy.

Generic Gold big 

Perfume Pod €9.99

An Award-winning, innovative, leak-proof refill system. Easy & quick, Just pump to fill! Perfumepod refills easily and quickly from most of standard perfume spray bottles. Perfume goes directly from the original sealed fragrance bottle to the PerfumepodPerfume Pod without any exposure to air. PerfumePod allows you to have your favourite scent with you at all times, even when you’re out with the tiniest of clutch bags.

PhoneFetcher €15.00

There is nothing more frustrating than hearing your mobile phone ring inside your handbag and being unable to find it, in Phonefetcher astime to catch the call! Yes we’ve all spent hours fumbling inside our handbags looking for our phones! The Solution – PhoneFetcher. Available in a very stylish silver, black or gold chain, you clip the PhoneFetcher to the inside of your hand-bag and the other side clips securely into the ear phone jack of your mobile phone. When your phone rings all you need to do is simply follow the PhoneFetcher chain to locate your phone in an instant. No more missing calls or losing your precious phone!

French Tip Dip Elements Kit – French Manicure & Pedicure tool €13.99

Become your own manicurist with French Tip Dip. It’s an easy, affordable, do-it-yourself French Manicure Tool grabbing the attention of beauty lovers across the world. The fastest French Manicure in the world? Many have experienced French Tip Dip to be just that. The French Tip Dip Patented tool has multiple sized tips for quick and easy French manicurFrench Tip Dipes and pedicures. One size fits most. It is also perfect for natural & artificial fingers & toes. Allows for easy clean-up with nail polish remover. Use your French Tip Dip Kit with any nail polish or colour of your choice!

Teeze W/eez To Go Comb €14

Yes we all know that throughout the day your hair loses its volume. That’s when you need the Teeze w/eez comb. This Compact Styling Comb, in just 3 to 4 strokes, will give your hair volume you can’t believe. Teeze w/eez gives your hair that blow-dry look in an instant. Specially designed with a multiple rows of stainless steel pin teeth, Teeze range 2015one stroke is like four strokes. Compact and small enough to fit in your hand-bag, a quick run through your hair through-out the day and violà – you have instant volume.

Grip & Tip Nail Polish Bottle Holder €12.99

Grip & Tip Nail Polish Holder is your personal mani-pedi assistant! Nail polish bottle holder keeps nail polish bottle steady and tilted, preventing spills and helping you reach every drop! Freeing both hands for easy manicures and pedicures, it adjusts to hold small bottles of all sizGrip and Tip 3es and shapes—allowing easy, efficient application for nail polish.

Handirest €14.49

Give yourself a professional manicure, achieve your desired results with the help of the Handirest. The specially designed hand shaped foam, offers you all the benefits of comfort and ease when painting your nails, applying nail wraps or false nails. Ultimately keeping your hand steady and speeding up the time it takes to finish your nails. Avoiding any possible mistakes. Handirest

Handirest is approved by professionals & loved by beauticians and nail salons, one Handirest can be used for left and right hand. Its easily cleaned with a damp cloth and nail varnish remover and comes in one size that’s comfortable for all hand sizes.

Roll N’Go Jewellery Bag/ Travel Cosmetic Case €14.99

Don’t leave for your next trip without this travel buddy. This compact Roll N’Go Bag will hold your small cosmetics, toiletries, jewellery and more. It has 4 separate, zipped compartments and rolls up into a compact bag for easy portability. It closes with the snap shut clasp and has a convenient hanging loop!

Jewellery caseas

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How to makes your high heels & shoes more comfortable.

Lets be honest many of us choose shoes not for comfort but for cuteness and looks. They look amazing but one hour or less they are killing your poor feet. So we’ve put together some tips & tricks for how to make these killer heels more comfortable.


It’s important to wear the correct size shoe but sometimes even with the correct size the shoe might just be that bit too big and slip at the heel a little. If that’s the case we have a few options that can help. The first one is Sizers. Sizers are a unique and innovative shoe sizing insert, offering a simpler and more effective way of adjusting the fit of loose shoes, giving you options!

sizers fb 2Finding the perfect pair of shoes can be a major challenge so when you do find them, you want to be able to wear them comfortably and securely, even if they’re not your size or your shoes. With Sizers these problems are a thing of the past. Wear the shoes you want! Sizers shoe inserts are the perfect solution if you are in-between sizes or your shoes are too big, too loose or just ill-fitting. Don’t size down, size up and pop in a Sizer – the super comfortable shoe insert which creates a perfect fit every time.

Another great solution to heels that are slightly too big or just hurt or rub at the heel is Heavenly Heelz.  Heavenly Heelz multi-functional shoe cushions prevent blisters on your heels, and can also be used at the inside top of a shoe to ease Heavenly Heelz Combofriction. They also help with sizing and fit issues and will keeps your heels from slipping in and out of shoes that may be slightly too big.

St Walkers 4If you find it hard to wear court shoes no matter what the size why not try this unique and innovative product called St Walkers. St-Walkers are an elasticated satin angle strap that attach to your high heeled shoes, helping to keep your shoes in place. St Walkers come with three different colour interchangeable bows ( Black, Gold and Polka Dot Red) which can be clipped to the heel area, allowing you to create different looks for your existing shoes.

Another tip to stretch out shoes that are too tight is the fill a bag with water, insert it into the shoes andshoe tree place in the freezer. As the water changes into ice it expands and stretches the shoes. Just be careful what material your shoes are made of, don’t do this to real leather or suede shoes  but synthetic material should work fine. Or you could also use a shoe tree to help stretch out the shoe

Pain Prevention Solution.

Foot-Petals-Tip-ToesTip Toes shoe pads keep feet stable in even the highest of high heels, while cushioning the sensitive ball of foot area with every step. Go from working all day to dancing the night away!

• Ball of foot cushionsTip Toes FB

• Protects bones and tissue

• Prevents calluses from forming

• Highest degree of shock absorption • Stops feet from sliding forward

• Eliminates “toe scrunch” and “ugly overhang”

Killer Kushionz shoe pads keep feet stable in even the highest of high heels, while cushioning from heel to ball of foot area with every step. Go from working all day to dancing the night away!

– Includes one pair of ¾ insole cushions
– Superior shock absorption reduces stress from heel to ball of foot Killer Kushionz
– Keeps feet from sliding forward
– Eliminates “toe scrunch” and “ugly overhang”
– Helps prevent calluses from forming
– Not recommended for removal/reuse
– Made in the USA

Pressure Pointz multifunctional shoe cushions prevent blisters and add comfort to any area in your shoes. Simple and effective, these mini miracles relieve painful shoe pressure. Just press them onto any area on the inside of your shoe that is hurting or rubbing and causing pain.

Pressure pointz

If you have heels with straps that tend to rub and cut into your feel just add Strappy Strips. These thin strips add comfort to your favourite shoes and slingbacks & can be cut to fit all your thin shoe straps.strappys strips

Tired of having to pull up the straps of your sling backs? Pull no more, because Strappy Strips are the answer as they are great for not only cushioning but also holing straps in place.

Foot Cooling Spray is also great to relieve sore feet.

Tingling cold foam with immediate cooling effect for use on hot feet and tired legs. The balanced combination of active ingredients with a revitalising hint of citrus has a deodorising and long-lasting effect – perfect for hot summer days. Perfect for people on the go.

Many high heels have absolutely no sole grip which can be very dangerous when out and about or on the dance floor!

sole stopperz 34Sole Stopperz allow you to strut Safely with petal-shaped traction! Sole Stopperz are a fashionable solution that help protect your outer soles and prevent you from slipping on wet or icy surfaces. They allow you to walk with confidence and poise. Very thin design so you will hardly notice them on your shoes.

You could also use these gorgeous Red Heart sole grips, how cute would these look on the soles of your shoes. Sole grips are also great to protect the soles of your heels getting ruined and worn.

Red Heart sole grips as

Another fantastic product if your feet tend to sweat and slip in your heels is Flatliners.  Flatliners are the perfect solution to prevent that sweaty and uncomfortable feeling when wearing your heels or pumps, as they are designed to Flatliners summer shoesline the inside of your shoe and more importantly get rid of any smells! You can either pop them into already smelly shoes and magically all the odours disappear or pop them into your news shoes as a preventative measure. Either way Flatliners will work wonders and ensure you have fresh smelling shoes all the time!

Finally when your two little feet just can’t take any more pain from wearing your high heels! That’s when you need to reach for your Folding Ballet Pumps from inside your hand-bag. These stylish folding shoes are versatile enough to complement any outfit and flexible enough to fold up and slip in an out of your handbag. These charming shoes are truly multi-talented, sweet, fashionable and sophisticated all in one!

Split Sole Redfoot

We hope you like our tips and tricks for making those killer heels and shoes more comfortable. All products are available online at

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