With Winter and cold weather still in our midst, our boots won’t be going anywhere for a while! Below are some of our Boots accessories that not only will help keep your long boots from sagging but also help keep your jeans inside your boots!

 BootStay – Adhesive Sag Preventer €13.49

Boot-stay-FB-finalDon’t you hate it when your long boots start to droop, sag or slide down towards your ankle? Doesn’t look great either! We have just the solution for you – Boot Stay Adhesive Sag Preventer. Boot Stay is made of flexible cotton covered material which is rigid enough to keep your boots from falling down yet soft enough so your boots don’t turn into torture devices. It is very comfortable to wear inside your boots, you won’t even notice they’re there and they’ll put an end to your sagging boots problem.


Bootleggers €15.00

Bootleggers are a stylish clip-on stirrup that you attach to your jeans leg cuff so that your jeans stay inside your long boots all day!

Bootleggers finallong bootsThey are easy to apply and very comfortable to wear. A must-have as we move into our long boots season!




Miss Oops Boot Straps

Miss Oops Boot Straps keeps jeans tucked into boots so no more fabric-bunching at the Miss Oops Boot Strapsknees. These Velcro straps are adjustable and easy to use. Just pull jeans down, fasten material around the ankle using Boot Straps, slip on your boots and off you go!

Oval Buckle Boot Chain €18

Start your own revolution with these gritty-glam clip-on boot chains. A grungy set of boot chains add that edge to your super girly outfits and are perfect accessory for all different types of boots. A great way to accessorise and rejuvenate your existing boots this Autumn/Winter.

Oval Boot Chains