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In Between Sizes – Solutions to help clothes fit better

January 20, 2016

bigstock_Beautiful_Caucasian_Woman_In_B_28719121This time of year many of us might have a few pounds to shift after the holiday period and may find we are in between sizes. Nobody wants to go to the expense of buying new clothes, so here are a few accessories that will help your clothing fit more comfortable. 

Adjust-a-Button (2 x buttons) €20.00

Adjust a Button - instantly adjust waistband - Expand waistbandAdjust-A-Button is a movable pin-like button which allows you to either extend or reduce your waistbands up to an inch and a half instantly. It look like an original Jeans button and has a flat back clasp so it won’t poke or pinch you. Great to use if you are in between sizes or pregnant. Also great as a quick fix for lost buttons,

to help close the waist gaps or smooth muffin tops or even pin jean jacket collars in place. Its Long-lasting and re-usable.

55d42d45e1b51e0c_Picture-4Tummy Ties €14.99

TummyTie was designed to allow people to continue wearing their own clothes comfortably throughout pregnancy and post pregnancy, fluctuating weight, bloating and menopause. Unlike anything else on the market, TummyTie’s unique patented design is made from a simple elasticised strip and is fastened to your clothes using the existing button and buttonhole – NO bulky fabric panels needed, as your zipper stays locked in place! Pack comprises two sizes in both black and white; the elastic expands with the waistline without restricting you or causing discomfort.

Blouse Button €12.00Stylish-Lady-Women-Sexy-Low-Cut-Wrap-Long-Sleeve-Fitted-V-neck-T-shirt-Casual-T

The Blouse Button is a very clever and functional accessory designed to help minimise cleavage on your favourite top or dress. It is a very stylish pin that can be used to help close up low cut tops or dresses and prevent gaping bust lines. It eliminates you having to manipulate safety pins or wear a camisole. It can also be used to close wrap tops or dresses, keep pashminas/scarfs in place, close shirt gaps, hold sarongs in place, replace lost buttons or just wear it as an accessory! Comes in a crystal, pearl, black, red or purple style.

Blouse Button 2015

Brah! Extender: Bra breathing room – 2 hook (3 Pack)  €12.99

Free the squeezeBack rolls? In-between sizes? Winter weight? The solution is Brah! Extender: bra breathing room (2-hook). Brah! Extenders make life a little more comfortable. They simply attach to the hooks on your bra band, giving you a little more breathing room and extending the life of your favourite bra. Ultra-thin, soft microfiber with nylon-coated hooks. Available in 1,2,3, 4 and 5 hook styles. Bra Extenders








For lots more genius solutions to all those annoying fashion and beauty dilemma’s visit



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